Some of the pics in the links below are repeats of some I've seen posted here. A bunch are new, I think.

Most of the pics are with Nikki wearing high-heels (strap-type), boots, or socks. Very few barefoot (not good for me!).

I prefer bare feet, but for those who DO like Nikki in shoes or socks, enjoy!

I tried to describe content, mostly based on what she's wearing on her feet, but I DID mention some outstanding shots of other parts of her body (she IS a beaut, isn't she?)         -- S&M style knee-high boots, see-through top         -- shoes with socks, knee-high boots --         strap-type high-heels (open toes), sheer top         -- short socks         -- socks, barefoot         -- running shoes         -- soaking-wet top, short socks         -- bathtub (just 1 barefoot shot, but a good one, I think)         -- running shoes, tube socks         -- barefoot in a cage         -- barefoot in/out of SUV, high-heels on a loveseat         -- running shoes (garage),nice shots taking off jeans         -- high-heels               -- high-heels w/ fishnets         -- didn't see feet! mostly holding breasts or topless against mirror         -- long pink/white striped socks         -- short white socks         -- running shoes, short socks                               -- high-heel shoes         -- in SUV barefoot (great kneeling shot), mostly upper body         -- running shoes, one great shot of her behind in pulled-down jeans         -- short white socks, couple of good under-boobs         -- thick-soled strap-type sandals         -- more of the above sandals         -- lace-up type boots (looks like 1920's style?)         -- high-heels, one revealing close-up crotch shot, sheer top         -- mostly sheer top, Doc Martens boots, one jeans pulled down no undies         -- short socks         -- little bootie-type socks, g-string         -- mostly breast or ass, couple with closed shoes (boots?)         -- barefoot in bathroom (counter, floor)         -- pink high-heel lace-up boots         -- more of those pink striped long socks         -- high-heels in tiny bikini         -- short socks, undressing to panties (with socks)         -- wearing jersey with long socks pulled down         -- high-heel boots, camouflage top, skirt, panties         -- barefoot (FINALLY), t-shirt w/ no bra (not see through, nice shape)         -- short socks, mesh top w/ fabric over nipples         -- bootie socks, g-string         -- g-string barefoot (!!!)