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How to Post Content: Please indicate what you're posting when possible:
1. If it is something from another site, proceed to step 3.
If it is something saved on your computer, choose a host for your stuff.
2. Upload the content to your new space.
3. Copy the URL location of the image or file (Ctrl + C)
4. Click "New Topic" in the appropriate MousePad forum, and paste link into the body of the message (Ctrl + V)
5. Add the following tag before the start of the URL = [image]
Add the following tag after the end of the URL = [/image]
It should look like this: [image][/image]
6. Make sure the box marked "Ezcodes" IS checked, and the box marked "HTML" IS NOT.
7. Click "Add Topic"
(BF) = Barefoot
(Shoes) = Shoes
(Sole) = Sole shot
(CU) = Close-Up
(X#) = Number of Pix in your post
(BIG DAMN) = Large Loads
Date/Place of the event, when applicable
Posting From The HITW: Your Post Is Missing Because:

Please make sure that images you are posting have not already been shared here in the past few days, and, whenever possible, check THIS LIST first to see if the content has been made freely available on the HITW server.>

Generating thumbnails from by clicking

and posting them in "Content" instead of using third-party hosting or cutting and pasting links from other sites spares us complaints about bandwidth-stealing, images not loading and credit issues. Thanks!

1. It's not missing, it's been pushed back off of Page 1.
2. It's not missing, it's been moved to a more appropriate forum.
3. It was a Request.
4.It was a repost of something someone else shared recently. 5.It broke one of the three Pad Rules, or linked to a site that breaks one of the three Pad Rules.
6. It was previously added to the HITW (see the "Posting from the HITW" explanation directly to the Left and post the same exact content that is hosted freely on the HITW instead)
7. It was a "Mix" thread of Event/Candid photos, instead of confined to a single Woman from the same date.
8. We are an oppressive regime and Just Don't Like You.

Jill Martin (From NBC's Today Show) - 2011.11.30 - Barefoot - Bikini On A Miami Beach - 12HQ

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