Storm and Jessica have both had a taste of each others’ sexy feet and both girls want more!! Storm absolutely ADORES Jessica’s HUGE, sensitive size 10.5 soles and Jessica loves Storm’s tiny, wrinkled size 5’s!

The girls are entwined in scissored position. They’re perfectly positioned to worship each other’s sexy feet and both women take advantage of the situation! Storm goes down Jessica’s big soles like she’s been starved! SHE LICKS AND SUCKS LIKE A MADWOMAN, WORKING JESSICA INTO A FRENZY OF MOANS AND NEAR SHRIEKS OF ECSTASY! MEANWHILE, JESSICA GOBBLES UP STORM’S TINY FEET, LICK AND SUCKING EVERY INCH OF HER WRINKLED FEET! Storm and Jessica try to outdo each other, and it’s not long before the bedroom is FILLED with gasps and moans of PURE PLEASURE, these two hotties losing themselves in their very own private foot worship orgy!!

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