About 4 years ago, my childhood best friend Cedric and his wife moved to NYC for a 2 years job assignment. They stayed with me and my wife for about 1 month before getting their own place. Cedric and I grew up together but when I moved to NYC we lost touch, and our friendship fell apart. Although we remained still friend, we weren’t as closed as we used to. Anyway, he had been married to Desiree for about a year when she had her assignment in the big apple. She was about 28, good looking and she had size 9 light skin caramel feet with soft yellowish soles that would make any men hard in a minute.

Desiree has some nice bowl leg and she is a fashion addict, meaning that she loves the high heels and in the winter she loves wearing those cowboy boots…tough it didn’t damage her feet one bit. Well here is the thing; Cedric is a sport addict and couldn’t careless about feet. He literally eat, breath and sleep sports. I would soon find out how much Desiree loves foot massages.

The first week they arrived, they went apartment hunting and shopping as well. She insisted to walk because she wanted to find out the city. My man on the other hand was not having it and always made a fuss about it when they would return home in the evening. I noticed every evening that Desiree would take a boots off and massage her stockinged feet…I would get frustrated because wifey was around and I didn’t want her to out my fetish.

However, my opportunity arose their last week end in our apartment. Wifey went away and the three of us stayed behind. Desiree wanted to shop for furniture and cedric said he was gonna bunker in because of the snow. She said fine and off me and her went. We shopped and walked tirelessly all day; I froze my butt off but she was happy I came and seeing her like that, made me feel good. At the end of the day, we called and checked on Cedric, and He said that he was alright. I recommended them a restaurant so that they could go on a date in evening. (I needed the house to myself, as I had some work to finish).  Desiree said ok but she asked to stop by a diner because she wanted to get a cup of coffee but mostly needed to dry her feet because her sox were wet and she didn’t want her “nice pedicured toes” to get frostbite. Right at that moment, my cock was throbbing despite the cold and I found the closest diner in a hurry.

We sat down across from each other and order coffees and cakes. As soon the waitress left, Desiree goes “my sox are soaked and I have to dry my feet, hope u don’t mind” while taking off her boots in front of everybody. “by all means, go ahead don’t mind me” I answered. However, I couldn’t see anything until she put them on the seat next to me, revealing these beautiful caramel size 9. I couldn’t help but look and daze as my cock was throbbing in my pants under the table clothes. “I’m sorry, I hope u don’t mind, really” she sincerely said, interrupting me. “hope they don’t smell either” she added, embarrassed this time, withdrawing them from the seat. Well I reassured her that they didn’t smell and convinced her to place them back on the seat, which she did to my pleasure. “Thanks because I need to relax and stretch my legs” she said. I asked her about her boots and found out that they hurt and she loved to massage her feet, because Cedric wasn’t into it and hated feet.  We started talking feet and massages as our order came, and I was so turned on that I had pulled my dick out and was wanking under the table clothes to my wife’s friend feet w/o her noticing. She was a wiggler and as she was talking she was wiggling even more….I was literally getting off to this conversation when I felt something brush my left thigh. I froze and took my right hand off my cock.  “My feet are cold I thought I could warm the up under ur legs” she naturally said as her other foot landed right on my hot naked penis. “Wooooow, ur hand arm is really warm” as she pressed down on my cock. I thought I felt cum coming out of my cock and I excused myself to the bathroom. I needed a break. I came back out and her barefeet  were waiting for me. As I sat down, she put them back under my inner thigh and goes “dyu mind warming my feet by rubbing them?”  I went right for it, putting one my lap and rubbing. She closed her eyes while wiggling and flexing her foot in my hand..”It feels so good. Cedric never wanna rub my feet”  I was just speechless as I couldn’t believe what was taking place. After 5 minutes she picked up a new pair of sox from her shopping bag, put it on and we departed. We did a little more shopping and then we got home, where my boy was still watching T.V. As we walked in, a soccer game had just started and Cedric wasn’t moving out for shit. We sat down drop the bags and started talking with him. He looked uninterested in engaging in any type of conversation and he even looked annoyed we were there. Desiree knew it and she decided to push him as if to piss him off.

Again, none of them had a clue I was into feet. So, she slipped out of her boots, but not out of her socks. "Those shoes killed my feet." She said to him. Then, she put her socked feet on his lap and asked him to rub her feet and he said, "No." He looked really pissed off and it started to get uncomfortable as I hate to see couple argue. They started to yell at each other. She complained that she always wanted her feet massaged, but he would never do it.  Cedric got up, turned to me and excused himself to my bedroom to watch his game and asked me, to my surprise, if I would mind massaging Desiree’s feet. I said, "Not at all,", and he then turned to her saying, “there u go,  knock yourself out”.

I felt really bad, but when she placed her socked feet on my lap, all scruples were out of the window. As I started the massage, she began wiggling her toes and moaning. Cedric who was still there, made a comment about me being really good, and he could not understand why I would touch feet. Meanwhile, a HUGE bulge was growing in my pants and I knew I was about to get busted. However, he left for the bedroom, and Desiree was so engrossed in the foot massage, as she kept telling me to do her toes, her heels, and her arches. Not too long after, she took off her white socks and I went on with the massage.
She fell asleep shortly after and I thought about going to town with her feet but I restrained myself because I was afraid she’d wake up because my man was screaming all the time at the T.V monitor. Instead, I went to the spare room which we used like an office and started my work. Time flew and when I heard a knock on the door, it was around 9pm. The couple was going out for dinner and they were saying bye. “thanks for the foot rub  Roy,” She said….I nodded “I might need another one when I come back, I’ll pay for it” she said smiling. “no need to, it’ll be my pleasure” I replied.

They got back to the house around 1:00 am. My man was drunk, and just pulled the aero bed in the living room and fell asleep. Desiree came to the spare room/office and the first thing she did was kick off her shoes.  “Aaaaaghhh, my feet are killing me” and then put her socked feet in my lap. I began to rub her feet and when I pull off her socks, she had stockings on!!! a big smile came on her face, “yes I was extra cold tonite”. Then, out of nowhere, she started to massage my penis, thru my sweat pants. My heart raced and I started to get hot. I couldn’t look at her in the eyes.  So I started to come out and admitted to her that I was into feet, and she had great feet, but I did not want to dick over my friend. When I looked at her, she was deeply asleep. At that particular point, a million things went thru my head and I decided to have my way with her feet. I got up and put her stockinged feet on the futon.  I then worshipped them like there was no tomorrow and I finished up by cumming on them.

The next day, both were hang over and apparently Desiree never mentioned anything. My wife came back at the end of the week end, and I never had a chance to massage her feet again.

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