My feet/pantyhose fetish all started when i was in kindergarden. I was in the third year(sry for bad english), and their were (obviously) three teachers in total. 
It was midday and playtime, me and a friend were playing with little cars. The three teachers always sat at a big desk with a table cover, almost hanging on the ground. Me and my friend while playing our cars we ended up under the desk of the teachers. Mostly they were very angry for that, but this time they only send my friend from under the desk(maby they dind't saw me, i still dont know). Then one teacher stretched her legs, and here feet came very close to my face. (they were all three wearing pantyhose, 2brown with reinforcement and 1 black) I could smell her feet and I was atracted to it. Curiousty take over and i came very close to the feet. Then the teacher looked from under the table cover and just ignored me... I was scared to get also a punishment(standing in corner). Then I heard her laugh and after that all three teachers putt off their sandel mule like shoes and strechted their leggs and put their feet like 3.9inch(10centimetres) from my face. I dind't know what to do, but again i was a very curious boy and started to touching them. I heard them laugh even more, then i kinda massaged their feet. The bell ringed and the pauze was over, they said I had to go from under that desk and go to class, and so I did.

In class we had to make paintings. The class room was kinda big( I was small back then thou :P but still), with the children area infront and at the back kinda solitaire the teachers desk. The desk was closed in front, and only open at where the person sits. We all started to paint and the teacher was sitting at here desk. Then after about 10mins I had to come to her, and so I did. She said I had to go under her desk, i was protesting a little bit, saying I wasn't ready with the painting. But still I had to go under the desk, and i did it. I went throu her legs and she giggled a bit which i thought was funny :p. Their I was sitting in small space almost ontop of here feet. She took off her shoes and said i had to touch her feet and so i did, cause i liked it. She even put her feet in my face and I need to massage her feet for like 20mins, i never forgot the soft smelly pantyhosed feet in my face. After that i could go back painting with the rest of the children. This wasn't the last time i had to do that, for the rest of the year I had to go under her desk several times, massaging her smelly feet.
It wasn't only in the classroom. Some playtimes(pauzes), especially the big pauze at midday I had to go under the big desk where the three teachers sat and massage all their feet. They would just call my name and saying I had to go under the desk. And when other children went under the desk they were mad and said they had to go and stand in the corner. I mostly liked it to rub their feet. They wore almost always pantyhose, except when it got to warm, like in spring. Sometimes their feet smelled really bad, like sweaty and all and when they then put their feet in my face it was sometimes not so fun :p. 
And I remember when it was a party day and their was no lesson, all children could play all the time, the second year teacher came to me and said i had to come to her class, so i did(thinking i did something wrong). She went to her desk and sat on the chair. She said I had to go under her desk, I really didn't wanted then cause i wanted to play with the other children, the freeday was cool :p. But i obeyed and went under her desk. She putted her shoes off and i started rubbing her feet. When I think about it now thesedays, I think she was reading a newspaper or something with coffee :p. She liked it cause i heared her saying: "good" and "mmm" and she frequently stretched and wriggled her toes.

Thats when i got my fetish :p, when i think about it now, I think the teachers where kinda using their power on me. Using me to massage their feet allday. But still i liked it :p