18.11.2010 update on Feet Under The Table

  • I really, really, really need to thank Orel that sent me this outstanding footsie under the table scene from a Nescafe advert! It has everything: open toe shoes, nylons on, seductive looks, lots of people at the table... just watch it, it's really worth it!I think this is the first footsie scene ever to take place outside a public bar, under the sun, with lots and lots of people around!
  • And how could i not say anything about the incredible "Dream Come True" post started by P*Fan on our Forum? I don't want to spoil too much of it, but let me just say that he shared with us a tremendous footsie under the table real life story that IS happening to him during these days...and he added videos too! Just incredible, you NEED to read it and to SEE the videos he posted!