My first foot job was actually in a hot tub! I was 23 at the time and i met a 38 year old lady at a hotel bar/grille. She was actually goin through a divorce at the time(so she said) and over drinks we decided to get a room and have a good time. We bought a botle of wine at the bar and the room had a nice hot tub so we got in and that's where it started. She was tall i wuld say 5'9 - 5'10 and when she went to the bathroom before we jumped in I grabbed one of her shoes - and to my pleasure she was a size 10! She had nice long toes and her soles had many wrinkles - i was like jackpot - not only did i have my first older woman experience - i had a pair of hot size 10s! We get in and i'm thinkin okay i got to get to her feet - so i just grab one of them and start rubbing it. she closed her eyes and said how good it felt. I was relieved to hear this so i massaged both of he feet. Then my cell phone rang so i reached over to hear my voice message cause i was on call that night. I'm listening to the irrelevant message, at the same time i suddenly feel her feet wrapped around my cock slowly giving me a foot job! I was in heaven! I let her stroke me a few minutes telling her how good it felt - then i went for one of her feet and just put it on my face - her big feet covered my face and sucked and kissed them like there was no tomorrow in the tub. Then we got out and got on the bed where i just got on top and proceded to keep kissing her wrinkled feet at that point while we had sex. One of the best times of my life!