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Most Wanted Forum Rules

For Women:

Requests must be made for women for whom content is hard to find.

* In other words, don't expect anyone to do the work for you. If content can be found from a simple Google search, the post will be deleted.

* In order to help MousePad visitors help you, please do your best to include a headshot of the Woman you are looking for in the body of your message. People might not recognize names, but having a face to connect it to can help jog memories.

* Providing a link to the Intenet Movie Database can also help people if you know a film or television program in which a scene containing content of a requested woman appeared.

For Scenes:

* If you are requesting a specific scene, please make sure that content has not been created for it already to the best of your knowledge. In order for this forum to be affective, it can't be cluttered with requests for the same things all the time.

* Please be as specific with details as possible. For films, post a link to the IMDB if you know the name. For television programs, use sites like EpisodeGuides to find episode names. If you don't know many specifics, do your best to describe the scene in detail, the names of the actors/characters, the year you saw it, etc.

In General:

* The HITW site is not a menu. Requests for specific scans, VidCap sets or video clips will be deleted.

* The more you participate, the more likely it is that someone will want to help you.

* Don't be greedy and post a laundry list of names you need.

* Don't be disrespectful to other forum members. If you constantly respond to your own posts to bump them up the list at the expensive of other people's requests, your posts will be deleted.

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