Casted Memories: Beatrice Term LLWC Oil and Massage Those Casted Toes up Good for Work! - 

Beatrice Term LLWC Oil and Massage Those Casted Toes up Good for Work!
Beatrice is in bed dreaming about her ski trip and the awesome time she had going down the slopes before... watch that tree! Beatrice wakes up and realizes the trip is over, that tree was real, and now she is nursing a long leg cast for eight weeks! It's her first day back to work at the retail store and she is not looking forward to it. She'll be standing all day on crutches putting weight on her one good leg. Still in her panties, as she will be the whole clip, After crutching over to open the curtains to get some sun in the room, she crutches over to the couch to take care of her poor feet. She massages the one good foot she can still bend, contemplating what it will be like at work, from the difficulties getting around, to all the questions and looks she'll get. She remembers the girl in accounting that had a cast a year ago -- it was only a short leg cast -- and what she had to go through... She continues thinking of her day as she oils up her casted toes so they won't get cracked and itchy. Looks like this is the only thing that will go on this exposed today today she thinks as she massages in the oil (long scenes from many angles of this. When she's through she crutches on over to the window again to look outside. She decides to rest on the sill. It's nice and sunny but it looks cold. Her naked toes will probably be freezing! (some closeups of those poor casted toes as she contemplates their fate). She opens the window to check... and it is cold. Her toes are really going to be cold. After running through the day in her mind, and getting that cold blast from the open window  she decides its going to be a sick day today and jumps back into bed lugging her casted leg with her. A nice Foot Play clip. Nice shots of Beatrice's cute ass from the back as she opens the window.


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