Rihanna has been to see her mate Rita Ora perform at the O2 in London, it’s Rita’s first UK Solo tour and Riri has been very supportive of the “hot right now singer.” Rihanna is wearing a black top with flames on, black leather leggings and knee high black boots. The question is socks or not? Rita is onstage wearing a latex cat suit and leather boots to accompany her act. Again the question is socks or not?

Rita performs an amazing set including “Shine Ya Light,” “Roc the Life” and “RIP.” The gig ends about 10.30 and Rihanna is backstage in Rita’s dressing room, waiting to congratulate her friend on another great performance. Rita walks in, sweating from the stage and all the dancing she’d done. One can only imagine how moist and hot her feet are. Rita hugs Riri and they talk about the show and Rita invites Riri back to her pad for the evening, Rihanna gladly accepts.

After tying everything up at the O2, Rita and Riri begin the trip back to Rita’s gaffe to continue the party. In the car Rita gets a real urge to suck Riri’s toes, she can imagine slipping each sexy, sweaty, bajan toe into her mouth and sucking away. Meanwhile Riri is thinking to herself, how she’d love to smell and suck Rita’s sweat soaked feet after her gig tonight. Neither lady is aware of the lust for one another’s sweaty feet. The journey went on when Rita all of a sudden said “Ri can I massage your feet please?” Ri replied with “are you sure? They’ll be really sweaty.” Rita nodded and Ri placed her legs into Rita’s lap.

Rita could feel her pussy tingling and she was becoming wet and moist down below and this was before she’d even removed a boot. Rita began unzipping Riri’s right boot and worked the zip down to the end, she pulled the boot off and placed it on the floor, Ri was wearing black ankle socks and they were soaked with sweat, instead of massaging Rita picked up her socked foot and sniffed it she moaned “ah yeah that stinks.” Riri didn’t say anything she couldn’t believe what was happening she was having her sweaty foot worshipped and sniffed by the gorgeous Rita Ora, Rita peeled the sock off which was a struggle because of the sweat, she tossed the sock to Rihanna who had a deep whiff of it herself.

Rita rubbed away any excess fluff from the sole of Ri’s bare foot and began sucking on each toe, she really gave Ri’s big toe a working and licked between each one and she licked the beautiful red polish on her toes and ran her tongue up from the heel back to the base of toes. When she’d gave the sole a going over, she wanted Ri to foot fuck her, Ri was in a world of her own at this time, so Rita somehow got the top of her latex suit off and exposed her wet cunt and gently eased Ri’s foot into and Ri started to thrust her foot in and out, lapping up all of Rita’s juices onto her foot.

Rita then began the process of licking her own pussy juice off of Ri’s foot; it was in her toes on the top of her foot, her heel, sole and even her shin.