This is a story that I found over at the Tickling Media Forum that I thought was an extremely good read, and actually found it to be quite hot. It's lengthy, but it is worth the read and entertaining.

Alexander Bate was in his third year of University. He’d spent most of his time there trying to involve himself in as many activities as possible because frankly, he didn’t want to be one of those people who came away with a degree but no friends to visit or keep in touch with. He had had varying success in this goal with both his male mates and the opposite sex. Alex was by no means the best looking man on campus, but he was also nowhere near being the ugliest. He could attract a wide range of girls who seemed to enjoy his humor and his charm. He had had a few on off relationships with a few girls, but none of them really ticked all the boxes. The main reason for this was that Alex had a huge love of female feet, especially tickling them.

Ever since he could remember, he had been fascinated by feet and tickling. More over, he loved the sight of a girl's feet in cute socks or stockings/nylons wherever he went. He’d also learned over the years that the sight of a girl's wiggling toes in socks or nylons while being tickled aroused and excited him to no end. His earliest memory of liking feet went back to when he was around the age of 7. His elder sister had a friend Heather, and she was 18. She was tall and quite attractive, she still was in fact, and she had the longest legs he had ever seen. But what first drew his attention were her feet. They were slim and very long (he once checked, size 11) with deep arches and perfect toes. She didn’t live close to his house but he would get to see her after school some days and at the weekends. She would always come round wearing the same clothes but what he loved was that she would remove her boots and reveal the biggest collection of cute socks he had ever seen. Stripy, heel and toe and patterns were her favorite it seemed. He lost count of the amount of times he would sit under the table when she was round while she played with her slippers, or when he’d get as close as he could to her feet when she stretched her legs out and pointed her toes. His best memory of her goes back to when she and his sister were sitting at the table talking. On this particular day, she was wearing a pair of thin black and white striped knee socks under her trousers. He sat and watched Heather's long slender feet under the table for the longest time until he got the courage to finally touch them. The next moment she stretched out and pointed her toes, he extended a finger and ran it from the heel of her left foot, up through the high arch, to the tip of her big toe. The feeling of the sock was so soft and there was a yelp from Heather. She giggled and said “I think Alex is trying to tickle me”, and then continued talking to his sister. However, as she continued doing so, instead of drawing her feet back or putting her shoes back on, Alex watched as Heather actually extended both of her feet side by side nearer to him, and let him tickle those feet for half an hour. He loved the way her toes wiggled, stretched, and twitched whenever his fingers would tickle the balls of her feet and her arches in particular through her socks. From that point on, he absolutely loved tickling female feet.

His obsession became stronger in high school. He found it hard to concentrate most days as the girls all around would dip and dangle in and out of their shoes in their cute socks. They would take off their shoes and put their toes behind the bars on the stools, thus stretching their soles right in front of his eyes. Oh what he would have given to be able to get down on his knees and run his fingers all over their socks while they tried not to laugh during class! There was one girl in particular he remembered as being his favorite: Amy.

Amy was one of the more attractive girls in Alex’s senior class, and the school in general. She was about 5'8" with dark brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and fair skin. Despite her attractive looks, it was Amy's feet in particular that drew Alex to her, as well as her tendency to constantly play with her shoes during lessons. She always wore low cut black flats or loose trainers and in his many years of being in her classes, Alex was treated to some wonderful sights. Black socks, colored socks, striped socks, socks with different colored heels and toes, tights on the rare occassion, as well as also sometimes seeing her bare feet. All the while, he would sit there and stare at her soles and wiggling toes and wish he could get his hands on her and make her regret ever removing and playing with her shoes in class. Over the time, he studied her feet he got to know them quite well; so well in fact that he could have picked them out of a line up. For instance, he knew from a close encounter with her empty shoes that she was a size 9, and that her feet typically smelled of soap. He could recognize her perfectly rounded toes and always painted toenails. He also learned he’d recognize her deep, sweeping arches with the cute wrinkles, as well as the soft heels and balls that always looked lovely. Boy, her feet were perfect alright, and Alex dreamed of having any opportunity to be near them.

There was one occasion that he finally got his chance to be near them and indeed touch them, and it remains one of the best days of his school life. Ironically, having spent a lot of time trying to find places to be alone with her, this particular incident actually happened in a room where half of the school was sitting. He’d caught a glimpse of Amy before from time and saw that she was wearing a black skirt, black tights and those very lose trainers that he’d come to love. So loose were the trainers that he could see them slip off her heel with each step ever increasing his, desire to see more of her feet throughout the day.

Unfortunately for Alex, he didn’t see much of her at all. He got the odd glimpse of other girls' feet in his lessons, but all in all, not too much to get excited about. Luckily it was Tuesday which meant he had a free last period, and due to the fact that he couldn’t go home early because the bus didn’t arrive until the end of the day, he had time to go looking for some action. His favorite place to go was the largest of the lecture halls in the school, as at the back of the hall there was a collection of tables which he could hide under and not be seen, and seeing how it was low down, he had an excellent view of what some of the girls may or may not be doing with their shoes and feet. However, it wasn’t the secluded and secret area that he had made for himself that drew him there every Tuesday afternoon, or the fact that the teacher would punish anyone who made any noise during his lecturing, it was in fact the chairs that the room possessed. The lecturer was a stickler for doing things by the book, and at the start of the year, he had removed all the old standard school chairs and replaced them with posture correcting stools. These stools were an odd shape and required the occupant to kneel and rest their ankles on a bar while they sat on the seat which rested just above their ankles. End result, it made it nearly impossible to get out unless you lean on something, and moving around was also tricky. Alex had seen them advertised on the internet and always wondered whether they would aid in his secret passion for girls without their shoes on in class. Today happened to be the day the chairs would benefit him most.

He went to the hall early as normal and made his way under the tables at the back. Around 5 minutes later, students started to file in. He recognized a few of the other girls who were regular shoe players: Laura, Thea, and Becky. He'd fantasized of tickling each of those girls as well, and hoped that today would be the chance he'd be able to tickle the feet of one of them. Then his heart skipped a beat, as he could not believe his ears. He heard a very familiar voice explaining that she missed her class earlier in the week, and asked  the lecturer if it would be fine if she sat in on this one instead. It was Amy! The lecturer approved as long as she understood that disturbing the flow of his lectures was punishable by detention. He watched Amy's feet walk in his direction and Alex prayed. She kept on walking, and it was at this point that Alex realized the only chairs left were towards the back of the room, a short distance from where he was hiding. She swaggered towards him and chose a seat roughly 5 feet to his left. He quickly and quietly shuffled down to his left so he was directly in line with the seat she had chosen. She dumped her bag on the floor, and bent down to retrieve her things from the bag. For a fleeting moment, time in Alex’s world stood still. The reason being the minute she bent down, her heels slipped out of her trainers once again. This was the closest Alex had ever been to her feet and the sight of those heels and the sound of nylon fabric slipping against the trainer drove him wild with the desire to touch and tickle them. She finally settled in and edged her chair away from her table a little to where the back of it was mere inches from Alex’s position. He was faced with the sight of the back of her black tight covered knees, shapely calves, ankles, and the soles of her loose trainers. The moment of truth had arrived and he decided he was going to make her suffer as much as possible and make the most of this unbelievable, once in a lifetime opportunity.

He began by testing her sensitivity by dragging his index finger from the back of her knee, down to her ankle, ever so lightly. There was a slight flinch, and she shifted a little and struggled to move her other leg to scratch the spot he had stroked with her other foot. "Jackpot, she appears to be ticklish," he thought to himself. Next, he turned his attention to her trainers. He’d dreamed about this moment for so long that he almost didn’t know where to begin. He took hold of Amy’s right trainer, gently slid it off her heel, and left it hanging there. He could hear her gasp and shuffle in her seat, curious as to what was going on. The fabric on her heel looked soft and sheer and the skin underneath looked soft and smooth and as a result, Alex was certain her feet were ticklish. She was wiggling her ankle upwards and clenching her toes to try to push the trainer back on. Alex stared for a moment before remembering the task he set for himself and he continued; about to fulfill his ultimate foot tickling fantasy.

He began by slowly scraping his finger around the smooth heel of Amy’s foot, just teasing the edge, testing reflexes and responses. The nylon allowed him to slide his fingers easily over the encased skin. There was a shuffle of the seat and a wiggle of her leg, but other than that, Amy was giving nothing away. Alex continued to tease the heel through the nylon for about ten seconds until the foot began to wriggle a little within the confines of the trainer. It was apparent that she had been clenching her toes to hold her trainer on and momentarily forgot to keep doing so. In this split second, her trainer slipped a little further down her foot, giving Alex a larger surface to tease. The trainer then stopped sliding about halfway down the arch, resulting in the glorious sight of part of an arch, as well as a fraction of the side of her foot. Alex continued his teasing, but now moved his index finger down the side of the heel and onto the side of Amy’s foot. There was a sharp intake of breath from the foots owner, followed by a faster pattern of deep intakes of air. Alex then brought his other index finger into play, teasing at the heel while the current finger stroked the arch that was on show, and Amy was clearly beginning to get distressed. Her left foot tried to move over and pat his hands away, but he pushed it away and placed a stray book he found between her ankles, keeping them apart. He’d already been teasing her feet for a few minutes, but his world was so focused on what he was doing, it seemed like he’d been doing it forever. Finally, after a few more seconds of scratching the spot where the arch meets the side of the foot near the heel, Amy’s toes lost their battle with gravity and the trainer tumbled into Alex’s lap. He stopped and picked it up to inspect it and first noticed that it was a size 10 trainer. "No wonder she couldn’t keep them on" he thought to himself, seeing as she’s only a size 9. He also noticed the distinct smell. Now the smell of feet had never really aroused him before, but the mixture of soap and the fact that her feet had been in them for most of the day, seemed to drive him wild.

He drew his eyes away from the trainer and turned his attention back to Amy’s now shoeless nylon foot. It was as perfect up close as it had been for years from a few feet away, dipping in and out of her shoes. Those long, deep, wrinkled arches begging to be tickled. And her cute toes, today painted red, were clearly dying to wiggle, but Amy was denying them the pleasure to avoid drawing attention to that part of her foot. He rested his hand on her ankle and could feel her pulse beating at a machine gun pace. Her feet were insanely ticklish. She knew it, and she knew that soon he would know it too. He moved his hand down and held the top of her foot in his hand to keep it steady and then, beginning at the heel, he drew a slow and very ticklish figure of eight on her foot. His finger slid down from her heel through the middle of her arch and up over the ball of her foot, before moving back up towards her heel. Once again, her breathing became louder and heavier and her toes began to wiggle madly inside her nylons. She tried desperately to wriggle her foot free, but Alex’s hand kept it dead, still giving him easy access to the entire smooth, slippery surface. It was clear that the most ticklish part of her foot were either the sides, or the ball of her foot, so he focused his scratching there for a bit before testing the toes, and what a reaction he got. Her entire body went rigid, and he thought the chair would break under the pressure. He moved his hand on the top of her foot to keep her toes still, and began tracing them with his index finger. He thought they might tear out of the nylon to get away, but they both knew toe wiggling wasn’t helping. He managed to slip his finger in between her toes from time to time driving her wild with the shakes, which were now spreading up her legs and to the rest of her body. Alex was in heaven.

He decided it was time that her left foot join in on the fun also. He grabbed her left trainer and he was certain he heard a whimper from Amy, as she knew what was coming next. Alex wiggled it a little and once again it was clear she was scrunching her toes, trying with all her might to keep the shoe on, being that it wouldn’t really move that easily. He fixed that by simply dragging his fingers from the heel to her toes on her right foot and back up again to divert her attention to the tickling on her right foot, and easily managed to free the left foot from its confines. He took a moment to study his new sight: The most perfect, ticklish pair of feet were right in front of him, covered in slick black nylon and dreadfully awaiting his next move. The toes were wiggling furiously and Amy was trying desperately to move her ankles off the bar. Alex noticed that on each heel of her feet, there was a slight hole in the nylons, and he made a mental note to make use of this later.

He restarted the tickling the same place where he had begun all those minutes ago: The heels. Except this time, he used one index finger on each of her feet. The nylon helped him stroke the skin around her heels before he moved them to the center and drew small circles on the pads of her heels. Amy's shaking began again and while he kept tickling her newly exposed left foot with one hand, he ran his other hand up over the backs of her legs and knees. It was clear this came as a shock to her as she jumped a little and let out a quiet “Mmmph” as she bit down on her hand. “Is there a problem back there Miss?” shouted the teacher. Alex then broke out a speedy and full force attack on both of her soles. “ sir...I was just...aaahh...umm..trying to ignore the back of my..hehehe...throat” she stuttered and giggled in reply. "I think you mean the tickle on the soles of your perfect feet" Alex thought and chuckled to himself. “Well just make sure you keep it to yourself next time or it's the detention hall for you!” Alex gradually slowed his attack on her soles until he was just lightly teasing her arches once more. He could tell from her stretching and wiggling her toes that this was still unbearable for her. While he continued to nonchalantly tease and stroke the tendon that appeared in her arch when she stretched her toes, he was deep in thought about how to make it more difficult for her to keep quiet for the remaining hour or so of the lecture. Then it came to him.

Even though this was his first real encounter of this type, he always kept a stash of tickling utensils in his bag: A feather and some bits of string. He kept his left hand wide open and stroked both of Amy's soles at once while he reached back into the front pocket of his bag to retrieve those items. He pulled himself even closer in to her feet and inspected them closely. Her feet were turning a little red from all the scratching and they were a little sweaty, especially around the toes and the balls. "They look like they need to cool down a little," he thought to himself. Next, he took the feather and ran its tip along the sides of her feet while also scratching a little spot just under her heel in the middle of her arch. The foot quivered a little, but there was no real reaction. He knew from the websites he visited that with nylons fingers work the best, but leave something to be desired when using other instruments. He thought of something and toyed with the idea in his head. Was it plausible? Would it work, but also possibly be a step too far? At this point he didn’t care anymore since he had already gone this far, and he made his move. He turned the feather around and stuck it in the small hole in Amy’s tights on the heel of her left foot. Her legs clenched when he began to tear the nylons away down the foot while scratching the quill down through the center of her arch and ball. With a few more tears and rips through the hole on the heel of her right foot also, he was left with a pair of perfectly formed and soft bare feet staring back at him. He then removed the book and grabbed her ankles, and they tried to flail with their new found sense of freedom. He crossed them, and using one bit of string, tied her ankles this way. Then he looped another bit of string around her pinky toes and tied them together as tight as he thought he could without hurting her. Then he finished the arrangement by tying her two big toes back to the ankle bar at either ends, stretching her toes back and away from each other. What he ended up with was those two gorgeous bare feet completely immobile, crossed at the ankles, toes splayed giving him access to the gaps in between each of them. Simple, effective, and most likely the end of Amy’s silence in this class.

He took the feather in one hand and dusted Amy’s bare right heel ever so lightly. He then moved the feather down through her arch and up over the balls of her feet. The foot struggled a little and the toes tried to wiggle the spot away, but to no avail. The bindings he had tied were doing the trick. He looked up and saw Amy was slumped forward in her chair, shaking with silent laughter. He introduced his index finger on her left foot and drew the same pattern with his finger as he was with the feather. Her shaking became more violent and he could tell she was trying very hard not to laugh or draw attention to her situation. Alex then increased his attack on both her feet. He began dragging all five of his fingers down and up her left foot, while sawing the feather in between each of the toes on her right foot. Amy’s ankles were jerking and Alex could feel the skin trembling under his touch. He understood now that tickling her toes with the feather while scratching the sides of her feet with his fingers must be almost unbearable for her because he heard a faint squeak escape from Amy’s lips. He continued this tactic, switching between both feet for the next few minutes until the wiggling and jerking weakened, possibly indicating fatigue was beginning to set in. He slowed his tickling and began gently teasing the soft and smooth surface of her bare feet with the feather while he checked his watch. He realized that he only had 10 minutes left of the lesson, so he needed to start finishing up with her feet. He had one thing he was dying to try before he made his best attempt to escape without her knowing who had been having their way with her feet non-stop for the past hour and a half.

It was time for the grand finale. Ever since Alex had first laid eyes on Amy and her soft and sexy feet, he had thought about this non stop. He had done everything he wanted up until now. He dropped the feather and leaned in towards the bare soles and began untying her toes and ankles, making sure he kept a hold of her ankles so that she couldn’t try and get away. He did this because once this started, he’d have to scamper away pretty quick to avoid being seen. He uncrossed her ankles and held them together with his left hand to where her feet were side by side, making sure he had a strong grip. He leaned forward even further and took a whiff of Amy's bare soles, which like the trainer earlier, smelled of a mixture of soap and feet, which again drove him wild. He then began slowly licking up and down the soles of Amy's bare feet. He licked from her toes up to her soft heels and back down, and concentrated on drawing deep circles with his tongue on the wrinkles on both her sweeping arches. He then moved down and sucked and nibbled on her toes. The toes would occasionally splay and stretch out, and Alex would lick in between them as they did. She seemed particularly ticklish when he nibbled on her little toe. The skin felt so smooth and soft against his tongue, and soon every inch of the soles of her feet and toes was glistening with saliva. He then introduced his free hand in the ordeal, using the added lubrication he had provided with his tongue to glide his fingers over the areas of her feet not currently occupied by his tongue. This, it seemed was too much for Amy. Her silent laughter, became a quiet chuckle, which soon became a squeal, which was finally followed by loud screaming laughter. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahahaha I cant take it anymoreeehahahahaha! Please stop whoevahahahaha you are, I'm dying herahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!” Her cheeks were flushed red, and the entire class was looking at her and the teacher was already deciding how much punishment to dish out to her by the time Alex was upright in a seat at the far end of the hall. Just as Amy had burst out with laughter, Alex had taken one last sweep of both feet with his tongue and fingers, before kissing both feet individually. He had then pulled what was left of her tights back over her feet and had replaced her shoes, picked up his feather and string, and crawled to the other side of the hall and found an empty chair far away from the action. Amy was visibly shaken and distraught from her ordeal. Her hair was a mess and she was shaking. "Fantasy fulfilled" Alex though to himself, and he allowed a smile to break out over his face. Class was dismissed soon after and Alex made his way past a very tired Amy and out into the freedom of the hall way.

Over the next few days, Alex went back to his regular routine of looking at the girls' feet in his class rather than tickling them, and he didn’t have any real luck the next few weeks at his secluded spot during the same class period he had tickled Amy in, but he remained on a high after the incident. He was also confident that he had gotten away without anyone knowing about what he had done, and Amy had no clue who was tickling and licking her feet. That is until one lesson three weeks after the tickling while he was sitting in Math, two rows behind Amy. Today, she was wearing a beautiful pair of pink and black striped socks, and she was sitting with her ankles crossed and her socked soles pointed straight towards where he was sitting. He was just sitting and staring, remembering back to the day when he had his way with them, when he happened to look up at Amy. She was looking right at him with those lovely eyes. She glanced down at her feet, back at him, then back at her feet. He looked down again out of second nature and she wiggled her toes and he just melted. He struggled to draw his eyes back up and met her gaze just as she silently mouthed to him “I know it was you”, then smiled and winked before returning to her work while her toes continued to wiggle. Alex’s heart began beating faster. Maybe, just maybe, he hadn’t touched and tickled her feet for the last time.