She had sore and stinky feet. She sat in front of me in class sweaty from cheerleeding practice, big wet pits and damp hair. Her big feet were crammed into size 8 slippers that looked like bunny feet the way her toes tried to push out of the front of them.

She must have been over a size nine or bigger, huge for a girl under 5 feet tall. Her toes were big and strong, but surprisingly prehensile. I was mesmerized by the way she would slide off her shoes and put on a private show for me.

She had the broad fronted callused uncared for feet of a gymnast. Her nails were stong and unfiled, she just slapped down a thick coat of slut-red polish on each toe except for her pinkys which with their flattened, dry and leathery tips were nailess. Her soles were smooth and beautiful, the stong muscles and tendons visible through her tight skin. Her pads were well developed and her foot bones were articulated in a way that her arch could go very high and then almost flat.The pad under her pinky toes was a dry hard pea of a callus.

She was the best part of school for me and probably gave me my thing about normal sized sexy blondes with huge, athletic feet with long dexterious toes.