Telling your gf your Desires

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Hello evrybody, im a long time lurker first time making a post.
im from belgium so english writing is a bit faulty. Sorry for that in advance ;$ 

i would like to ask this community for advice On how tell the gf that want more than just the footjob, feetsmelling ( very strong but lovely smell in her socks) and kissing her feet during sexs.

i would very much like to worship her feet when we are watching tv. ( laying On the ground with her feet On my face and stuff.)

licking her feet clean.( she always washes them before sex.)
suxking her feet.
licking and kissing her shoes.
just in general Some things with her feet socks and shoes when we are not having sex
she is a dominant person and im submissive but she doesnt quite dominate me if you understand.

thanks for Reading and i surely hope that you comment me with advice!

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I'm sorry, I didn't quite follow you. Are you saying that she already gives you foot jobs/footplay during sex, but you want more than that? Regardless, this topic is always tricky and dependable heavily on you, her, and the relationship you have with each other. My advice right now would be to break it to her slowly. It could be overwhelming if you bring it all up at once. My other piece of advice is don't be surprised or hurt if she isn't open to all of it.

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I would agree with this guy above me. But let me give you my experience with the situation you're in right now.

Luckily for you, telling her about your fetish was the worst part and you've already done that! I don't know how long your GF has known about this but a lot of girls get better with it and start to figure things out as the relationship progresses. a lot of women like to feel sexy and they like to turn you on.

For me it started out with me awkwardly telling her about my foot fetish, and then her wanting to learn about it and find out what to do. But by the time the relationship ended she would purposely let her feet get sweaty in what ever shoes or slippers she was wearing because she knew I loved that. She took pride in her side of my windshield (or Windscreen for you Brits!) always having a bunch of her sweaty toe prints on it because she knew I loved that. One time she took of her socks in a bar and threw them away because she knew I'd rather her feet get sweaty in the boots she was wearing.

Its amazing what a woman will do when you're in a good relationship with her. But, you some times gotta lead her a little bit in the right direction and then give her time to do her own thing with it. And you say you're the submissive type and she's dominant... so, I'm not sure any of my advice will work for you haha. But, personally I'm not sure why you haven't already kissed her feet during sex. Unless its that you want her to MAKE you kiss her feet during sex and i assume other times as well? And that you want her to make you lick her feet clean and suck her toes and to kiss her shoes and stuff. I don't know quite what you want but it seems like (and I'm reading between the lines her) as the submissive guy in the relationship you may want her to TELL you to do these things which is kind of one step beyond what I've ever done.

But again, at least from my experience my girl loved when I'd take her sweaty slippers off on the couch and either suck her toes our massage her feet or both. She loved when I'd suck her toes during sex or any time really... she loved when I'd play with her sweaty feet under a table in a restaurant... she wouldn't have to tell me any of those things but she also liked that I just did it. Some girls like that, but it sounds like you may want to be told to do it so, you may have to come out and say something like that. I'm not so much the submissive type so I can only offer so much help, good luck I'll be watching this thread to see how things go for you!