Story 93: Maya's "Forced" Trample And Footstool

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It was in the spring of 2002 when I had my 1st trample and had my face used as a footstool for the first time... in Belgium we have 2 months of holidays in each summer. I was 16 years old when I had the best foot experience of my life time, given by a sudden opportunity...

I was playing' with my small sister and our neighbour’s daughter Maya (this is her real name by the way) they were 2 and 3 years younger than me, so my sister was 14 and Maya was 13. The girls were hanging out in my room, playing on the computer, while I was annoying them. My mom had left for shopping about an hour ago and my dad was at work, so it was just the three of us.

I lost the tennis bal I was annoying the girls with; it rolled under the bed where the girls sat on. As I went under the bed and found it, I quickly wanted to get out under the bed again. I thought I could easily get out at the bed end, between the wooden box that was positioned under the bed and the leg of the bed. But as I tried this, I got stuck under the bed. I already had my head out, but my body got stuck between the wooden box and the leg of the bed. I turned face upwards to get my body out, but that didn’t help also.

Maya first saw that I was stuck and she started smiling down at me, laughing at me. She placed her body on the bed end and she was moving her feet up and down, on either sides of my face. My sister sat next to her now.

They laughed at my position, and I smiled back at them. I knew that they wanted to bother me in the way I always bothered them. The position I was in actually excited me, because I had fetish thoughts for as long as I can remember. I always had something for female feet. I didn’t know what it was, but I enjoyed getting female feet on my face. Maya and my sister had placed their feet on my face a few times before. Although they just did it to fool around, and they just placed their feet on my face for a few seconds, I found out that I actually loved it! Of course I didn’t want to show this to them, so I acted like I hated it.

After a few times, I became in love with Maya’s feet, she was perfect! Back than, Maya looked very much like Nikki Reed in the movie “Thirteen” (she playes the most popular, most beautiful girl in school, named Evie Zamora)

I noticed that I probably could get out from under the bed, but I acted as I was really trapped between the bed and the wooden box... Maya kept sitting on the bed above my face as I (fakely) tried to get out from underneath her. I knew Maya wanted to do something to me, but it seemed she didn't know what to do, because she just smiled down at me, moving her feet up and down in the air at both sides of my face! I faked that I was completely trapped under the bed, and that I couldn’t even move my arms anymore. I acted as if I was helpless and they could do anything they wanted to do to me.

Maya kept smiling down at me, laughing at my entrapment. She asked:

“What’s the matter Stephan?”

I replied:

“I’m trapped…. I can’t move anything.”

Maya than said:

“Great, so I can do anything I want to do to you, and you can’t do anything back?”

Then I said it: “Yes, apparently you can…… Please don’t put your feet on my face…..”

Maya and my sister both giggled and immediately Maya placed both her feet on my face. She was wearing pink Buffalo’s at the time! (The Buffalo’s had the colours light pink and darker pink, I loved these shoes!) Maya kept both her feet on my face for a few seconds and than I saw her putting her weight on my face. She was standing on my face! She didn’t have her full weight on my though, because she kept sitting on the bed, but she was trying to put the best weight on to me from this position. I absolutely loved this. Both the girls were giggling like crazy. I got aroused by this.

1 Minute later, Maya was kinda hurting me with her face standing, but I didn't let them know I was in pain, because I was also in heaven: I always dreamt of being stepped on by Maya! I actually moaned a couple of times when Maya digged her Buffalo shoes into my cheeks, but this were moans of arousal. Luckily the girls didn’t notice I was enjoying this, they just thought they were getting even with me. While Maya was rubbing her Buffalo shoes all over my face, she kept laughing all the time. All my sister did was giggle with her.

Then, again 1 minute later, they were still giggling very loud and Maya still had her Buffalo covered feet all over my face. Now my sister wanted to do the same to me. Of course, because she wanted to do the same that Maya did to me, but I didn't like my sisters feet the way I liked Maya’s feet. Maya was prettier than my sister and her feet were prettier too.

I was in love with Maya, because she was very popular and pretty. She had long brown stylish hair, had a soft tanned skin, a very cute face and very small, soft feet and often painted toes! I loved her so much!

My sister stood on my face with her green and blue Buffalo’s for approximately two minutes (Buffalo’s were very popular at the time, all the cool, young teenage girls wore them back then). I must say, I even liked it when my sister stood on my face. She laughed while she moved her feet up and down my face. Maya stood next to me and remarked while my sister was trampling me: “Look at his face, it´s all crushed! Hahaha!” They both laughed about it and I started to get really aroused. Than my sister even placed the sole of one of her feet on my mouth and said: “Kiss it!”

I didn´t want to kiss my younger sisters shoe in front of Maya, but than my sister pushed her foot harder down on my mouth and she said with a persisting voice: “Kiss it!! Now!” I still didn´t kiss the sole of her Buffalo, although I actually wanted to. Than Maya said: : “Listen to your sister, kiss her shoe!” When Maya said it, I just did it. I kissed the sole of my sisters Buffalo shoe.

Than my sister kept her foot on my mouth and said while giggling: “Kiss it again!” I started to get very aroused now, and I kissed it again without complaining. Than my sister said: “Again!”. I kissed it again, I started to feel really humiliated, but I liked it a lot. My sister kept saying: “Again!” for about 5 times, and I kept kissing her shoe. They laughed their asses off!

Maya than interrupted my sister by saying: “Now it´s my turn again!”

My sister agreed, and Maya went to sit on the bed above my face again. She was smiling when she looked down at me. Clearly she enjoyed letting my pay for the times I annoyed her. I did my very best to act as if I didn´t like this at all.

Maya immediately placed one Buffalo shoe on my mouth and said: “Kiss my shoe, Stephan”. I clearly remember Maya saying this to me, as I will always remember this special day. And just as Maya told me to, I kissed her shoesole. As I kissed her shoe, Maya told me: “Keep kissing it until I order you to stop.”

I was very excited by now, I kept kissing her shoe for about three of four times, while both the girls laughed at loud. Maya than suddenly said: “Now lick my shoe!” As if it was the most normal thing to ask, I followed her order. I licked up and down the sole of her pink Buffalo shoe, while she held it above my face. Even the sole of the Buffalo shoe was pink. While I licked up and down this shoesole, both Maya and my sister seemed disgusted, but they still kept giggling very loud. My sister remarked: “Eeehhw, that’s just gross!”. Maya didn’t seem to feel sorry for me though, because she made me lick her shoesole up and down a coupe of times more. Than she lifted her foot off my face and she looked down at me. Wow, she really was gorgeous! She than said in between laughs:

“How does my shoe taste?”

I figured this was my chance. This was my one and only chance to get her feet in my face for a long period of time. I was (and still am) a real socklover. Worshipping a girl wearing socks is hotter for me than worshipping a girl who is barefooted. Maya had placed her sockcovered feet on my face one time earlier, but that was for fun and it only lasted about 2 seconds. I wanted her to do it again ever since. I figured a way to trick Maya into letting me smell her socks (if she was wearing socks, it could also be that Maya was barefooted under her Buff’s, I couldn’t see this because the Buffalo’s reached a few centimetres above her ankles and because Maya wore a white bootleg jeans which covered up her Buffalo’s almost to the start of the thick soles of these shoes, she looked gorgeous this way!). I replied to her:

“I don’t mind licking your shoes, at least it’s not your socks or anything like that….”

I hoped I wasn’t too obvious about it, I hoped Maya wouldn’t see through my plan. But luckily, she didn’t. She actually started giggling again and looked towards my sister, as if she wanted to ask her for permission. My sister smiled back at her and it appeared she understood what Maya wanted to do to me, because she said, while starting a laugh:

“Are you really gonna do it?”

Maya smiled, than pulled her knees up one at a time, so her foot became easier to reach for her hands. Than, Maya pulled off her Buffalo shoes one by one with both her hands and threw them next to my face on the floor (She wore the Buffalos very loose, without tying the laces). To my arousal, I saw that a pair of yellow socks appeared. I couldn’t see how the socks exactly looked like, because Maya’s white jeans fell across the sides of it. I only saw the soles of the socks: The toe and the heel-part of the socks were blue, and the rest was yellow. As soon as Maya had pulled both her pink Buffalo shoes off her small teenage feet, she said to my sister (and to me I guess):

“Yes I am”

Than Maya looked down at me with a smile, as if she wanted to say: “I got you know, boy!” While smiling, Maya placed both her socked feet directly on my face. As soon as her socks touched my face, I felt the warmth of her socks, because her feet were in those warm and thick Buffalo shoes for at least a couple of hours. Both the girls giggled like maniacs while Maya was using my face as her footstool. Maya wiggled her toes a little bit up and down my face. Maya’s socks smelled a little bit sweaty, but not stenchy.

The smell her feet had, made my experience a lot more intense. This was exactly how I had dreamed her socks would smell like; a little bit sweaty and warm, just like I wanted them to be. I would pay anything to breathe in this smell every day. I would do anything to become Maya’s personal human sock basket. I would sit on my knees everyday when she would come back from school and she would remove her socks and put them in my mouth. I would keep them warm until she needed them again, or I would lick them completely clean while she was wearing them. This was my ultimate dream!

While Maya had her socked feet in my face, I heard my sister say:

“Eeeew…. Maya…. That’s disgusting!”

Maya replied, while giggling:

“I know, but I like it, so who cares….. he can’t do anything about it”

Both the girls laughed their asses off, while I was inhaling the smell of Maya’s socks. Maya moved her feet around on my face. She placed her toes over my nose for about a minute, letting me smell nothing else but her sexy socks. I helplessly looked up at Maya, trying to control my extreme arousal at this point.

After that, Maya used the balls of her feet to move my cheeks back and forwards, just to annoy me. Than she used her big toes to pull my skin backwards on the sides of my eyes, so my eyes took the form of Chinese eyes. Both the girls laughed at the faces that Maya created. She also used her toes to pull the flesh on my face backwards at the sides of my mouth, so my mouth seemed really wide. She also did it visa versa, making my mouth in the shaping of kissing lips. Maya had a lot of fun making faces, and I was enjoying it even more!

When Maya got bored with this, she pulled her right foot up to her (sideways) to inspect her footsole. She smiled and said, while analysing the sole of her sock:

”Hmmmm, this sock is quite dirty………”

Than she lowered this sock back to my face, placed the sole directly on my mouth and ordered:

”Lick it!”

I couldn’t restrain myself anymore, so I just started licking Maya’s sock. Both Maya and my sister were amazed that I immediately did this, and this of course concluded to even louder laughs. I licked up and down Maya’s yellow sock, tasting her foot sweat and loving every second of it. Maya looked down at me, and I looked up at her. Maya was laughing down at me, and I was licking her sock and admiring her appearance. Maya moved her footsole of and down my tongue. For about twenty seconds, Maya kept rubbing her toes up and down my tongue, laughing at me.

I was licking her footsole for all I was worth. Maya seemed to be enjoying this as well, because she kept smiling while I was cleaning the sole of her sock. I licked it for about a minute, and than Maya checked her other footsole and said with a smile:

”This one’s dirty too!”

She now moved her left foot back to my face, replacing her right foot, and I eagerly started cleaning that footsole too! My sister looked at me in disbelief and disgust, but I was simply loving this……

As soon as I had licked Maya’s left sock a couple of times, we heard the sound of my moms keys in the keyhole of the front door! When Maya heard this, she jumped off the bed, took her Buffalo’s with her and walked out of my room, followed by my sister. Maya said, while leaving the room:

”Bye bye, Stephan”

I was too aroused and more importantly too disappointed to answer Maya. Why the f*ck did my mom come home at this point!! Who knows what else might have happened when she would have come home a couple of hours later!?! As I tried to get out from underneath the bed, I heard my sister and Maya walking down the stairs, saying hello to my mom….

Now I'm 19 years and I still remember the view of Maya’s sock-covered feet when they landed slowly on my face! I tried several ideas to get her feet back on my face, but nothing was successful. It seemed that it just didn’t excited her anymore!

I still regret it that my mom came home that day. That was the best and only foot worshipping I had ever had in my life! It was so freakin’ awesome that I still think about it every day!