Stephanie McMahon showing who really is dominant. For cjjcj

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It was a busy and aggravating day backstage at Madison Square Garden, Stephanie McMahon was walking around on a war path, as she turned a corner she knocked into Melina, Melina was carrying a cup of coffee which spilled on Steph, she screamed “What the hell! Watch there you’re walking!” She grunted and walked off. Melina turned around and threw the cup down, “Me? You’re the one who barreled around the corner like a mad woman.” Steph turned around, she didn’t need this aggravation, she went to Melina and sized her up “I want to see you in my office in 20 minutes.” She walked off, Melina looked down finally coming to her senses that she just told off the daughter of the man who signs her paycheck, she walked around for the 20 minutes thinking of what to say, she finally went to Steph’s office and knocked, she was told to come in, she did and shut the door. “Lock the door please.” Melina looked and nodded her head. She locked the door and went to Steph’s desk. “Look Steph, I’m sorry about before, I don’t know what came over me, I wasn’t thinking.” “Steph just looked at her. “You’ve had problems here for a while before, the attitude with other people, because you think you’re too good to be-friend them.” Steph said. Melina looked down at the floor “Look Steph, I’m not a bitch like everyone thinks, please just let me have another chance I’ll do better I’ll behave myself.” She pleaded, Steph stared at her and smirked a little. “Alright I’ll give you another chance, but first, you’re going to learn some humility.” Melina looked at Steph wondering what was coming. Steph rolled her chair over to the other side of the desk. “Get on your knees.” Melina looked astonished “Umm, what? Why?” Steph stared a hole through her “If you don’t want to listen I guess I can tell my dad.” Melina was quick to jump up, she quickly got down on her knees. “No, please, don’t tell Vince.” Steph smiled and nodded her head, she stuck her legs out, resting her feet on Melina’s lap. “Take my shoes off and sniff the inside.” Steph said, Melina did, she didn’t want to be fired over something ridiculous like coffee. Melina took a deep breath as Steph watched and smiled approvingly. “Good, now I want you to kiss the soles of my feet.” Melina looked and took Stephs foot in her hand, she sighed and kissed all along the smooth soles of Steph’s right foot, she kissed from the hell to the toes, Steph sat back and smiled she shut her eyes, Melina took her left foot and did the same, Steph smiled and opened her eyes, she watched Melina, Melina looked defeated already but Steph wasn’t done yet. “Alright that’s enough, lay down on the floor.” She took her foot away from Melina, Melina layed on the floor, Stephanie got up off the chair and stood on Melina, Melina winced as she looked up at Stephanie McMahon, her 5’8, 135 pound frame standing on top of her looking down at her smiling, Stephanie walked on her, she ended up standing on Melina’s shoulders pinning them to the ground, she smiled and placed the toes of her right foot onto Melina’s lips, Melina planted kisses on them without having to be told, Steph smiled and did the same with her other foot. “You’re starting to get the hang of it I see.” She said as she had an evil smile planted on her face. She smirked evilly and put her toes onto Melina’s lips “Open your mouth you worm.” Melina whimpered and opened her mouth, Steph smirked and stuck her foot in her mouth, making Melina deep throat her foot, Melina gags and shuts her eyes, Steph looks “Open your eyes! You look at me!” She opened her eyes and her eyes start watering “See what happens Melina, you think you can do whatever you want and get away with it, but there’s only one woman here who can do what she wants and get away with it, and you know what Melina, you’re sucking on that woman’s toes.” She smirks and takes her foot out of her mouth. Steph gets off of Melina and grabs the chair, she sets it over Melina’s body and sits down on it, she puts her feet on Melina’s face covering her face completely. “Take a deep whiff Melina and tell me it smells like roses.” Melina takes a deep whiff and coughs, Steph laughs, “Aww does that not smell good?” She laughs and takes her feet off her face. “Stick out your tongue I want to clean the bottoms of my feet.” Melina stares at her sadly and sticks out her tongue, Steph wipes the bottom of her right foot on Melina’s tongue, bringing it back and forth a couple of times, she does the same with the left foot and smiles. “This feels so good, your tongue rubbing against my very soft soles.” She lays her head back and goes back and forth between feet, she looks down at Melina “I’m going to let you go after you do one last thing, I want you to run your tongue in between my toes and get all the crap from between them.” She watches as Melina uses her tongue to clean in between Stephs dark blue painted toes, she finishes Steph looks at Melina’s tongue, It’s discolored from the dirt on Stephs feet, Steph smirks and gets up, she puts her shoes on and kicks Melina hard in the ribs “Next time, It’s going to be a whole lot worse.

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Loved it dude , again thank you for doing this. Melina is so lucky.

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you know what would make it even better? Illustrative pics. Like a picture book for FF's.