Many -- but not all -- women can have the big Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh if you rub their big toe! image

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Yes. I can tell you from experience that some women can, indeed, have an orgasm from a foot massage! And what a thrilling experience such an event is for the foot lover giving that massage! It is unbelievably sexy when you're rubbing the lovely feet of a lovely young women whom you adore, and she's cooing and oooooooohing and ahhhhhhhhhing, and all of a sudden her body shudders and her pelvic area moves as the orgasm courses through her body! It is FABULOUS!!!

But anecdote should never be enough. Remember that any woman worth her stuff can fake an orgasm like a champ! image image image

So, here's a little science:

Beverly Whipple, a Rutgers University professor emeritus who has made orgasms her business for decades and the co-author (along with Barry Komisaruk and Carlos Beyer-Flores) of a book titled The Science of Orgasm, used imaging technology to see just what happens during orgasm in women. According to Bev and her colleagues, some female orgasms activate the brain's amygdala (important for processing emotion) and some don't. According to Whipple and company, women who can orgasm just by thinking erotically don't seem to involve the amygdala. Same for women who orgasm from a foot massage.

Based on my own experience, I don't think there's any one spot or pressure point on the generic female foot that will give a footgasm-capable gal a footgasm (short for "orgasm induced via the foot"). It's all in how excited she feels, how she feels about youm and how good you are at giving foot massages.

Wanna have a good shot at giving a woman the big Ohhhhhhhhhhhh by rubbing her feet? Then adapt the following advice....

So, what to do?

Four things are key to making your fondness for your girlfriend's feet something that she'll soon begin to see as a normal thing and as an acceptable (even beneficial, mutually pleasurable) part of your relationship:

1) Be proactive and continue to get to know her and focus on being extra sweet and romantic as you introduce her to your attraction to female feet;

2) Take it as slow as you need to by continuing to pay attention to how she feels about all of this, and letting her reaction pace how you proceed (this will be difficult at times, but the end reward will be worth it);

3) Educate her about the prevalence and ins and outs of men's fondness for female feet; and, last but not least,

4) Make sure you let her know every step of the way that it's her you love, not her feet.


In terms of being proactive and continuing to get to know her and focusing on being extra sweet and romantic as you introduce her to your attraction to female feet, just do what comes naturally. You love her, and that's what will carry the day in all this! Do the things you normally do to romance her -- sending flowers, giving her cards, talking sweetly to her -- and use these things to emphasize that it's her you love (all of her, and not just her feet).


Educate her about the prevalence and ins and outs of men's fondness for female feet. Here are some specific suggestions on this score:

1) First, stop calling it a "fetish." Many of us are perfectly okay with this word, but it has strong negative connotations. Fetishes and fetishists are generally considered weird and abnormal by most people. Talk, instead, about your "attraction" to her feet and toes.

2) Put your attraction to her feet and toes in a proper and positive context by discussing how toes and feet can be seen as objects of beauty that arouse one sexually. Describe something that most people would find beautiful -- for example, a work of art and what makes it attractive -- then describe what you find attractive about the foot -- for example, things like shapely toes, delicate ankles, high arches, curvaceous soles, thin, delicate ankles, nicely-shaped heels, etc. Then tell her what you specifically love about her toes and feet!


3) Use to advantage any incipient understanding she has of toes and feet as objects of attraction. Find out if she recognizes that well-cared-for feet can be pleasing and attractive, while ugly and/or unkempt feet can be displeasing and repulsive. Let her know that your attraction to toes and feet is not different in kind from her recognition of the potential beauty and admirableness of well-cared-for feet, it's just a difference of degree. You have a particular fondness for and attraction to feet, so their beauty and admirableness are just more important to you. This will make her feel a bit like you are comrades-in-arms when it comes to admiration for the foot.

4) Let her know that it's just artificial social convention that says it's okay to admire a woman's breasts or legs, but that admiring her toes and feet is somehow weird or abnormal. Explain that we are all unique in what we find attractive and arousing. Some people admire hands. How do you think the practice of kissing women's hands started? We all love women with feminine hands as opposed to "man" hands! It's the same with feet! We love women with soft, beautiful, feminine feet as opposed to mannish, "hobbit" feet!

5) Ask her why she and most women take care of their feet. It's because she and other women know that well-cared-for feet can be attractive and beautiful! Again, it's similar to hands: we have spas where women can get manicures and pedicures. Most women take good care of their finger- and toenails. Some women paint their fingernails and toenails. Why? Because, on some level, they know that fingers and toes can be beautiful! We don't have spas that cater to caring for or polishing the crease in the backs of women's knees, do we? But we do pay attention to feet in our society!

6) Let her know that, in terms of body parts men admire beyond those considered by our narrow-minded society as acceptable or normal objects of admiration -- breasts, legs, derrieres -- all research indicates that feet are by far the most common. Lots of men admire feet! Thanks to our prudish society, they have to do it in quiet and often secret ways.

7) Look at advertisements featuring women that cater to men! Quite often, the women are barefoot or otherwise shoeless. Why? Because the advertising blokes know that many men have an admiration for the beauty of the female foot and are sexually aroused by it!

8 ) Talk to her about all of the female stars who enjoy showing off their feet and seem to know that at least some men like feet: for example, Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Lisa Rinna or Kelly Ripa.

9) Mention the famous men who share your attraction to feet: David Boreanz, Charlie Sheen, Tommy Lee, Jenny McCarthy's ex (can't recall his name right now), Regis Philbin, etc. Well, maybe not Regis Philbin.... image

10) Basically focus on showing her all the evidence you can muster that your fondness for feet is not really as unusual as it may first seem.

Let your girlfriend know that this attraction to feet makes as much biological sense as our attraction to women's breasts. We love women's breasts, and (God being the very clever fellow he is) most women have very sensitive breasts and nipples and love it when we pay attention to them!!!

Feet are even more sensitive than breasts and can be just as sensual!!! You can demonstrate this with a foot massage to end all foot massages!!!


Before doing this, though, explore in great detail how your girlfriend feels about having her feet touched. Be prepared to put a positive spin on anything she says in order to pave the way for her liking to have her feet touched. For example,

1) If she says her feet are ticklish, tell her that her sensitive feet will love being massaged by just the right, non-ticklish touch.

2) If she says her feet are "private," tell her that that's why only you and she get touch this intimate part of her body.

3) If she says her feet are ugly, tell her why they're beautiful!

4) If she says something like, "But they're just feet," tell her that they're just breasts or lips or ear lobes or whatever, but because of their beauty and sensitivity, breasts, lips, ear lobes, feet, and toes can all be integral parts of lovemaking.

(Remember, through all this, let her know you like her for her and that you're not just lusting after her feet. You like her for her, and it's not just her breasts you lust after, but it's really nice that God blessed her with lovely breasts and feet! Doesn't she love that God blessed you with those parts of you she finds attractive?!? Aren't they an integral part of her loving of all of you?!?)

Begin your relationship with your girlfriend's feet and toes with massage!!! Most women love foot massages!



But don't wear a lame green shirt or gay out by putting a sweater around your neck! image

Let your girlfriend know that you want to try something. Tell her you want to show her just how pleasurable having your feet touched can be! Again, this is such a normal thing! Women love having their tired, aching feet rubbed!


Tell your girlfriend that you want to make your attraction to her feet and toes a mutually pleasurable thing!

Now, here are some simple massage techniques to try out on your girlfriend's feet and toes, BUT, remember this: the goal is to develop your own style of massage by mixing and matching the following moves and inventing a few of your own, and it's best to develop your "style" in partnership with the woman you're with by paying close attention to what she likes!!! There are also a lot more advanced techniques, but these simple massage moves will get anyone started in the right direction.

1) You can massage a woman's feet with lubricant or without. Without lubricant is the best approach for a first-time foot rub. If you want to use lubricant, get some edible massage oil!!! You don't want to lube up your baby's feet with VAseline Intensive Care Lotion and then go to town on her toes -- hoovering them for all their worth and getting a good mouthful of petroleum products in the process! Edible massage oil is not hard to find. You can even get it on Amazon.Com!

2) If you are going to use lubricant, rub the oil on your hands to warm it up a bit before applying your lubed hands to her feet. Noting turns a woman off more rapidly than a cold touch.

3) The absolute key to all these strokes is to use a loving touch - just firm enough not to be ticklish, and not so firm that it's not relaxing. Practice makes perfect. Remember, you're making love to her feet with your hands!

4) Begin by having her rest her foot in your lap with her soles towards you. Cup her heel with your non-dominant hand. With your other hand, stroke the top of her foot with the flat of your hand (a.k.a. your palm) using a circular motion (called circulation strokes). Begin where her foot meets her leg and work your way down toward her toes. Do this 10-20 times. Keeping her foot in the same position, use circulation strokes on the soles of her feet, moving from her toes down to her heels. Do this 10-20 times. These circulation strokes will sensitize her feet to your touch and "awaken" her feet's sensitivity. When you're finished with one foot, do the other.


5) If using lubricant, keep lubing your hands as needed, and don't forget to warm that edible massage oil up!

6) Place your hands on the tops of her feet with your fingers and palms flat and pressing down on her feet. Remember, firm but not too firm. Begin down at her toes and slide your hands forward between the bones of her foot and slide down toward her ankles. Circle her ankles with the tips of your fingers and return to the starting place by pressing your hands along the sides of her feet and sliding your hands and fingers back down to her toes. Start the whole process again. Do this about 10 times. Do the whole things as one, long fluid motion. When you're finished with one foot, do the other.

7) Hold her foot in your hands with her soles toward you. Rub the top of her foot with your thumbs with a sort of circular motion, kneading her flesh. ("Knead" means "to work and press.") Rotate your thumbs and work your way from where her foot meets her leg down to her toes. Do this as many times as you want. When you're finished with one foot, do the other.


8 ) Now knead the soles of her feet, using the same sort of circular motion with your thumbs. Focus on any areas that seem to please her, like her arches or the balls of her feet.


9) Here's how to "corkscrew" her toes: Take your thumb and index finger and stroke with your fingertips up and down the sides of each toe. Do this firmly enough so that you don't tickle her. Do this with a slow, loving stroke. Do this as many times as you'd like. Next, grasp the toe with your thumb and index finger as if the space between them was a mouth sucking her toes. Rotating this "mouth" with a circular motion, move up and down the toe. (Like a corkscrew, hence the name of this stroke.) After you've gone up and down a toe several times, grasp the sides of the toe near the tip and rotate the toe slowly three times in each direction. Work your way from big toe to baby toe or from baby toe to big toe, taking each toe in turn. When you're finished with one foot, do the other.

10) Once you've learned these basic techniques, mix and match at will. Be creative. Use all the strokes on one foot before moving to the other. Vary the order of the strokes a little bit. Get creative and invent your own strokes. Remember, you're pleasuring her feet with your hands just the way you might pleasure her breasts with your hands!

11) If you want to help her be truly appreciative of the above, suggest that she wear her most uncomfortable pair of shoes all day long. She'll appreciate the massage so much more if her toes and feet are aching prior to your loving ministrations.



12) Again, be sure to put her feet in the larger context of her entire body. Learn the art of full, sensual body massage, and you've got it made! I highly recommend the book The Art of Sensual Massage by Gordon Inkeles. You can order it from Amazon.Com or get it at your local bookshop.

13) Once a woman has had her feet loved up with a good foot rub, she'll be much more open to the idea of having her toes sucked! Woo hoo!

14) Remember to pay attention to what she likes -- nay, what she LOVES! IF you do, and adjust your foot massage moves accordingly, you may just give her the big Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


Now it's time to go for the whole enchilada! To move on to toe and foot sucking, do the following:

1) Gauge her reaction to the massage. If she seems to really be enjoying it, she will become totally relaxed. She will drift off into a pleasant trance, and her feet will feel totally relaxed and really good! She will be in foot and piggy heaven! She might even have a footgasm!

2) If she really appears to be enjoying the foot massage, then massage her feet on several occasions before moving on to sucking her toes. Eventually, you will know when it's time to take a calculated risk and go for it! (Note: This is why edible massage oil is a real plus!)

3) If using a nonedible lubricant, gently wipe the lotion from her feet and toes with a towel. (If you use a flavored, edible massage lotion, you won't have to do this, and so much the better.)

4) Gently and lovingly, lean in and kiss the tip of her big toe. Then kiss the tip of all her smaller toes (do these all at once with a single kiss). You want to start with a toe kiss rather than a toe suck or lick, because a toe kiss seems less threatening. (Remember, you're introducing her to something "new." Slow and steady wins the race.)

5) If she doesn't react negatively to the toe kisses, then you're good to go. (Of all the women I've tried this on in the last 30 years, only a handful have reacted negatively. It's their loss!) If she does react negatively, stop, and say, "Well, you don't know what you're missing." (You can turn some women around by talking them through this and convincing them to at least let you suck their toes once to see if they like it.)

6) If you've been given the "go" signal, then suck on one of her big toes first! Here's how to properly shrimp or suck a woman's toes: Open your mouth and put your lips and mouth over her big toe until her entire toe is in your mouth. Then close your lips around the base of the big toe and suck on it gently, moving your mouth backward toward the tip of her toe. When you have almost reached the tip of her toe, move your mouth back down to the base of her big toe and begin again. Keep sucking gently on the big toe the whole time. Her naked foot flesh will taste oh so sweet! The motion should feel almost like you are letting her big toe slide into and out of your mouth, out of and into your mouth as you suck on it. Be slow, gentle, and loving!


7) Gauge her reaction! She'll say something like, "Ooh, that feels nice!" Or she'll say that it's different or unusual, but she'll stay relaxed and open to what you're doing. If she is enjoying having her big toe sucked or is at least not opposed to it, then keep going. If she reacts negatively, then stop! A sure sign that she's not digging what you're doing is if she stiffens up (this is the living definition of "becoming uptight"). You can talk to her and maybe she'll be open to you continuing, but don't force anything!


8 ) If she likes having her big toe sucked or seems unopposed to it, then move on to her second toe, then her third, fourth, and baby toes! Now suck the toes of her other foot!

9) If the woman is still enjoying having her toes loved and sucked, you can try licking her toes next. Lick the pad (a.k.a the underside) of her big toe. Gauge her reaction. For some reason, toe licking seems more "unusual" to most women than toe sucking or kissing. I've had a few women say that toe licking seemed somehow "subservient" and "more odd." So, continue to gauge her reaction.

10) If she seems to enjoy or is unopposed to toe licking, then lick her soles from heel to toes. Until you get the hang of this, it may tickle. If it does, and she laughs good-naturedly, then tickle her soles a bit.

11) "Hoovering" is more vigorous than "shrimping." Shrimping is like sucking lovingly on a popsicle or tootsie pop. Hoovering is like sucking on a popsicle near the end when you want to suck and hoover all the ice cream off the stick. "Hoovering" can also be faster and more frenetic.

12) After you've loved her feet up a little bit, move on to the rest of her: massage, kiss, and lick her breasts and nipples; caress her entire body; make her little house of love hot and moist! Show her that you love all of her and not just her feet! If you are invited to do so, finish by making love to her! A good bout of the old in-out will show her that foot love is followed by orgiastic pleasure! She'll soon associate toe sucking with having an orgasm, and, well, you are in the fabled cat bird seat then!

Best wishes and good luck, bros!

With any luck, in no time at all, you'll be sucking your girlfriend's toes, you'll gain entrance to the Shrimpboat Captain Hall of Fame, and you'll deserve to be nicknamed "Hoover" !!!


PS - With love to my wife, Eva, whose fondness for having her feet and toes loved up has made me the man I am today! image

"So. The Spear-Danes in days gone by
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We have heard of those princes' heroic campaigns...."
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