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My encounter with my female Cousin's feet (topic)
I have had a major foot fetish for my female cousin's feet for a really long time. She wasnt a 10/10 face-wise but her feet and especially her soles are by far the best i have ever seen in my life. Beautiful arches, toes going in...


06/22/15 10:14 AM
Cheerleader Goddess Socks and Feet W/ Pics (NF) (topic)
So if you read my first post you know where this next one is going. my Girlfriend is a College Cheerleader, she has flawless size 8 feet. and after a cheer pratice they reek! here is one of my many experinces! so my Girlfriend, lets call...

Soupiest Wizard

03/25/15 5:10 AM
Carer's Feet 2 - The Last Fortnight of School (topic)
This is actually the third (and possibly final) instalment for this story, after chapters 1 ( and 1.5...


10/12/14 3:01 PM
Carer's Feet 1.5 - The Carer's Perspective (Dedicated to Clover and SalvyMic) (topic)
This is a complete rewrite of my first story, Carer's Feet (, told this time from the carer's perspective and adding in many more details. As the title suggests, I would like to...


07/03/14 8:51 AM
theater class footjob [true story with pictures] (topic)
=12pxSo in my theater class we had an all day rehearsal=12px (that means we don't go to other classes), anyways me and this girl have been getting along well and of course shes in my theater class. She is short and has size 6 feet....


04/30/14 6:03 AM
Niamh's Revenge, (F/F, Sequel to 'Laura's Lesson') (topic)
As the title suggests, this is a sequel to my original story, 'Laura's Lesson' (which, if any of you have a minute to spare, can be found here ) and honestly, I think it's marginally better than the parent post. That said, you people...


05/23/13 11:43 PM
Laura's Lesson (F/F) (Schoolgirl Tied & Tickled) (topic)
Hey everybody,I've been a lurker about here for some time, so I figured it was high time I submitted something! That 'something' happens to be a story I wrote for an internet friend several months ago, which was and is, my first piece of...


05/19/13 2:47 AM
The Journey with my Sister (NF) (X) (NEW) (topic)
So, quickly and short I had an episode on this board a short time ago and I wont go into detail.. I do apologize to those involved.. I made a proper fool of myself.Regardless of the past im looking to the future as I have incredible...


05/10/13 2:47 PM
The Journey with my Sister (NF) (X) (topic)
Introduction: I have posted on here a fair while ago I believe but I gave up on posting due to schooling and stuff.Now to explain my current situation, I just recently turned 18 and have a 22 year old sister. I will NOT post pictures of...


04/03/13 11:29 AM
Wrong Place, Wrong Time - Girlfriend's roommate (NF)  (topic)
Hey guys. I'd like to start off by saying that I've been reading stories on this forum for years now, but I've never really contributed because I'm not that great at writing stories. I'd like to share something that happened to me a few...


02/21/13 10:25 PM
gym foot worship  (topic)
This story takes place at the gym. The gym is one of the gyms dat has both male and female changing room in the same room. So I am after a hard work out nd I leave nd go to hit d showers. As I am in the changing rooms getting my...


02/04/13 6:23 PM
NF The friend's roommate  (topic)
Hey guys so lemme say This is my first story I'm writing on here I have been reading all your other stories and I appreciate it. So I will share my stories with you and this is just one of many I have and figured This is a good starting...


10/28/12 11:20 AM
A Short Foot Worship Story - Please Critique  (topic)
Hello, I am new to these forums and have really enjoyed reading some of the stories that have been presented here. I thought I would give it a try as well, your comments are more than appreciated. Here is a short sample of what might be...


10/13/12 9:01 AM
Payton's smelly softball feet (X, Mostly NF)  (topic)
Hey everybody! This is my first post here, and I have a story of stinky feet worship to share with all of you. It's a 3-parter, and while some of it is fiction, many parts of it are based on things that actually happened between me...


03/14/12 8:24 PM
(NF) My girlfriend's sisters sweaty sneakers  (topic)
First of all i wanna say this story is 100% true, but i will not gonna name any names.So my girlfriend's 2 year older sister came to visit us from another city. This is the first time im gonna meet her sister only seen photos and talked...


03/01/12 1:38 PM