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Topic Title Forum Author
Hansaplast (topic)
Some commercials for Hansaplast Medical Bandages and Gel. a lot  of Female feet and soles. ***** BEWARE THE MALE FEET*****8888


09/04/14 6:37 PM
Halle Berry on Fallon "This is how we roll", Nice sole shots (topic)
Check out the re-cap from Halle Berry on Jimmy Fallon last night. Very nice shots of her soles.


07/09/14 11:41 AM
Some Girls (topic)
In the last episode (S02E02) which will be repeated Friday and Saturday early morning there is a feet up soles scene of the mother of one of the girls. Later she playfully hits someone with her bare foot.


10/09/13 1:57 PM
***The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vrs. Team Tate Season Premiere "History In The Making" debuts tonight*** (topic)
Tonight, The Ultimate Fighter debuts its newest season and, praise God/Jesus/Moses/Vishnu/Muhammed/Allah/Krishna/Buddha/Shiva/Shinto/Ganesh/Zeus/Odin/Xenu/et cetera, IT'S THE WOMEN'S EDITION!!!!!The current reigning and first-ever UFC...


09/11/13 8:04 PM
**Inside Amy Schumer 7/2/2013 Mid-Season Finale "Sex Tips" - Amy competes on a reality show; Tiffany's feet (and quick glance at Amy's as well)** (topic)
On tonight's Inside Amy Schumer, marking the show's mid-season finale, Amy competes against another woman, Tiffany, on the reality show Love Tub. On the end-of-show outtake, show winner Tiffany's feet are crossed at the ankles and are...


07/03/13 3:33 AM
**Inside Amy Schumer 6/11/2013 "Unpleasant Truths" - Amy gets molested; legs and soles shown** (topic)
On tonight's episode of Inside Amy Schumer, lucky for us at the start of the episode this time, Amy goes to a massage parlor for the "four hands massage" special. She's asked to completely disrobe and undress so she can get up onto the...


06/12/13 3:03 AM
**Inside Amy Schumer 5/21/2013 "The Horror" - Amy's "Scaredy Farts," barefooted Amy throughout** (topic)
Since my last Alert regarding Amy, I'd hoped to see more ever since, and tonight: prayers answered.On tonight's Inside Amy Schumer entitled "The Horror," Amy confesses that she has "scaredy farts" (farts that slip out when you're scared)...


05/22/13 3:11 AM
**Inside Amy Schumer 5/7/2013 "Real Sext" - Amy sexting, tons of feet & sole shots** (topic)
I've sent a ton of Alerts regarding Tosh.0, but Comedy Central's latest follow-up to Tosh has been a real delight, especially tonight!Their latest new series to follow Tosh is Inside Amy Schumer, a two-week-old sketch show starring the...


05/08/13 3:13 AM
Eve Morey (Sonya on Neighbours) soles on Neighbours aired 29 March 2013 (Australia) (topic)
Good sole shot (feet on table) on tonight's episode (aired Australia 29th March 2013) - wasn't expecting it. Great if someone could locate video and/or cap this. 


03/29/13 7:44 AM
UK Iron Bru Advert Soles (topic)
Noticed an advert the other day for Iron Bru which featured a woman who was in bed with bare soles showing - Worth a look out.Here's the advert via YouTube if interested 


03/27/13 4:51 PM
**Shannon Doherty's commercial**  (topic)
Was watching Toonami last night when I caught glimpse of one of Shannon Doherty's online college commercials.This particular commercial was for "" (Shannon's shot a number of commercials of this sort, and the sites tend to...


10/15/12 3:35 AM
*The Girl*  (topic)
Anyone that's got HBO should know that Friday, October 20th will be the debut of the biopic The Girl, circulating around the behind-the-scenes story of Alfred Hitchcock's fixation around his cast pick of The Birds's female...


10/13/12 6:37 AM
UK nylon feet alert 4/10 shopping channels  (topic)
QVC now Thursday (10-11pm) Manor Bedding but same presenter was wriggling in hose under trousers in the morning show. At 11pm tonight Ideal World; Genevieve was presenting her nude nylon soles earlier, other presenter brunette (Sue?)...


10/04/12 9:36 PM
Rachael Taylor dirty soles - "666 Park Ave" premiere (topic)
Just saw the premiere, towards the end of the episode, she wakes up and moves her feet towards the camera with full view of her dirty soles!Looks like there will be plenty more barefeet shots of her and many other babes...


10/01/12 3:04 AM
**Tosh.0 9/25/2012 Season Premiere - Bus Stop Foot Worship Clip**  (topic)
Yesterday was the Fall Season Premiere of Comedy Central's Tosh.0. I've posted a couple Alerts before pertaining to this show.The show's host, comedian Daniel Tosh, typically opens the show with a collection of a dozen or so Internet...


09/27/12 2:23 AM
*Coma -- commercial for upcoming show on A&E (bare feet, soles and toe wiggle)*  (topic)
Moments ago, I caught sight of a commercial for an upcoming mini-series entitled Coma.Judging from the dialogue, it's supposed to circulate around people being put under and killed in their sleep. In the commercial, a woman is...


08/10/12 5:23 AM
*Body By Victoria - Victoria's Secret commercial*  (topic)
Just caught glimpse of a new "Body By Victoria" ad by Victoria's Secret. All three girls are in their bare feet, and you get a better shot on some girls than others. Nice cheesy-looking sole shots, too; the lingerie was just icing on the...


08/03/12 2:33 AM
*Sports Illustrated July 23, 2012 - Olympic Preview; Volume 117, No. 3 - "Five Stars"*  (topic)
Hey everyone!Was sitting at home this morning when I glanced at the pile of mail that came earlier that day on the table in front of me and saw a cute little pair of feet peeking out at me  What I found in...


07/19/12 5:31 AM
Jessica Ridley music video "Flaming Red"  (topic)
I found out about her today after watching The Country Network.  You probably haven't heard of her, but she's young, she's pretty, and her feet are all over this music video.  Somebody should vidcap it!  I thought she...

Saber QuiGon2

07/04/12 4:49 AM
*Real Time With Bill Maher 6/22/2012 - Fake Romney Ad - mature woman's bare feet on the coffee table*  (topic)
Earlier tonight (with a few replays throughout the week) on HBO aired the original political roundtable series Real Time with Bill Maher.FOREWORD: Please no political flames here--I'm in no mood to have warring commenters clogging up the...


06/23/12 6:31 AM