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My Best Friend, Amy (topic)
This is a 3-part story. All parts are very different from each other, but full of foot fetish content that I'm sure you'll love. If you have time, I'd be happy if you also read an old unfinished story of mine here on the pad called "Foot...


01/25/15 7:07 PM
Moms Feet! (topic)
***Disclaimer, this story is very erotic and may contain subjects that may be offensive to some, if this isn’t your thing leave please, but if it is boy are you in for a treat! It is a long read but well worth it and if this doesn’t get...


06/02/14 6:13 AM
Cousin's Feet Tickle and Worship (NF) (topic)
Part 1 Hey guys I had another great foot session with my cousin, if you don't know the details of her feet here is the link from before, This time there was a...


05/22/14 7:11 PM
My cousins feet (topic)
Okay let me just tell you here that this is a fake story. The only thing that is true is the people and that I sniff my cousins sandals shoes and heels when no ones around. So back to the story. So my cousin, Dayana, is the same age as...


05/12/14 5:05 AM
Experiences with my teachers (NF) (topic)
Hey guys, this is my first story so it shouldn't be that good. This story will be about the 3 experiences I've had with teachers, however all were after I had left. All these stories are 100 percent true.  So, a bit about myself. I'm a...


05/10/14 4:57 PM
Sleepy feet (NF)(pics) (topic)
Hey guys,So unfortunately this story won't be as exciting as some of the other sleepy feet stories we've all seen, but hey, I personally take what I can get when it comes to foot action. Anyway, I was at a little kickback last night at...


04/28/14 12:09 AM
sisters feet with pictures (topic)
I have been reading these forums for a long time now and I have now decided to share my experience. I am 22 years old and my sister is 26. This happened 3 years ago. My sister is about 5’4 she is skinny and is fit and athletic. She has...


04/13/14 10:22 PM
School Girl Feet V1 (N/F) (topic)
Well, helo. This is my first story.. so I hope you like it! I have a few stories that have happened to me at schoo/after school, and this all happened to me as a freshman. Hope you enjoy, if you like this one I will be sure to post more...


01/14/14 1:53 AM
Feet on the table (topic)
She looked like she was just out of her teens, but must have been at least 22 if she was legally employed at the bar she worked in. I went there a lot with some friends. I was always a little intrigued by her, because she seemed very...


12/17/13 3:59 PM
India's Personal Slave X (topic)
This story contains mostly male humiliation/female worship - including fart fetish. So if your not in to that sorta thing then stop reading now. She had been waiting to get home all day. India was one of the more popular girls in school....


10/18/13 5:17 AM