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Alana's Perfect Feet Redux (topic)
FORWARD This is not my story, this is originally a story by awesome415. I must commend this person, it is one of my favorite stories I have found on the Pad. A story that I did not wish to see fade away into oblivion. I took a few...


02/03/16 9:44 PM
Mario Kart Foot Worship (NF) Pic Included (topic)
I have been good friends with this girl for a long time. I will call her Kate (not her real name). She knows about my foot fetish and for a while Kate would let me lick her feet. I was licking her feet at least once a week for a while. A...


01/26/16 9:08 PM
Finnish Friend Sleeping foot worship (NF) (pictures included) (topic)
This event happened a few days ago. I have a huge foot fetish. I had seen Elizaeths feet before and i really wanted to lick them but i did not know if i would ever get the opportunity. The opportunity came. My girl friend, her finnish...


01/01/16 8:15 PM
My "go to" fj and foot worship homegirl (NF) (X) (Pics) (topic)
Here's a small compilation of one of my "go to" foot girls.. A bit of background, me and chick (We'll call her Charlotte) went to high school together my senior year, and hung out in the same little group of stoner/partiers.. She's 19...


12/04/15 4:28 AM
Worshiped an Indian Girls Feet! (NF) and pics (topic)
I've never posted on here but I've been reading stories for a very long time. I've worshiped several pairs of feet in my life but this was probably my favorite story because it's like a foot fetish fantasy for everyone that loves feet...


09/22/15 10:33 PM
NEW BOOK! DeFEETed: A Foot Fetish Story (NF) (X) (Celeb) (Slash) (topic)
Just Released Novel about FEMALE FEET!Summary: A sheltered young man leaves home to start college and faces the unpleasant realities of life once he's on his own. His sexual deviance of being a foot fetishist makes it more challenging...


09/03/15 2:31 AM
Making It Up To The Teacher (topic)
Part 1: Flats Thief I was like every other teenager, I hated school. I hated waking up in the morning, I hated sitting in a class for hours, and I hated having to do the useless work. There was one part I didn’t hate though. For most of...


08/11/15 9:10 AM
Finding out that she likes to dominate (NF) (topic)
(Ages and her name are the only false things) Day 1 part one She is 21 years old , 171 lbs at 6ft'1. I am 18 5ft'10 at 168 lbs I walked into the gym at 7am. I noticed that there was only 5 people in there (including me). I decided to use...


07/01/15 2:21 PM
Worshipping The Amazing Bare Feet Of Liz NF! With more Pictures! Part 1-2! Updated!! (topic)
Hi Guys, I’d just like to introduce myself before I kick-start what I hope is a great story. I’ve been a long time lurker on the pad for many years, and have only ever posted very sporadically. However, despite my lack of direct...


06/09/15 2:57 PM
My First Foot Experience [NF] [X] (topic)
Before I carry on, all of this does happen to be a true, non-fiction story. I had been dating my girlfriend of now 4 months for about a month and half when I finally decided I would tell her about my fetish. She was very hard to read and...


06/06/15 4:01 PM
My Best Friend, Amy (topic)
This is a 3-part story. All parts are very different from each other, but full of foot fetish content that I'm sure you'll love. If you have time, I'd be happy if you also read an old unfinished story of mine here on the pad called "Foot...


01/25/15 7:07 PM
Moms Feet! (topic)
***Disclaimer, this story is very erotic and may contain subjects that may be offensive to some, if this isn’t your thing leave please, but if it is boy are you in for a treat! It is a long read but well worth it and if this doesn’t get...


06/02/14 6:13 AM
Cousin's Feet Tickle and Worship (NF) (topic)
Part 1 Hey guys I had another great foot session with my cousin, if you don't know the details of her feet here is the link from before, This time there was a...


05/22/14 7:11 PM
My cousins feet (topic)
Okay let me just tell you here that this is a fake story. The only thing that is true is the people and that I sniff my cousins sandals shoes and heels when no ones around. So back to the story. So my cousin, Dayana, is the same age as...


05/12/14 5:05 AM