Russian Model - Lenni - HOT blonde - Wrinkled Soles, Sneakers Without Socks, etc, etc...

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Here is Russian model, Lenni - tall, 5'9" - size 8.5 feet and she's actually a a commercial and glamour model!  This is a girl you'd see on a runway in NYC.  That's especially gratifying to see her in a foot worship video and shoot!  It was her first.  She has really sweaty moist soles and I added a couple clips to my C4S store - Store 40511.
My Footjob store will be updated by the end of this week.  I'll keep you all posted! 
The next Feet of Philly Party is August 21st - it's the VIP Party where all sessions are in TOTAL Privacy!  Email me at [email protected] to get on the list.
Enjoy the pics!

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russian girls are always quick to honor a footjob, but they are so rough at it.... its like they are almost trying to kick the cum out of you