Mom's feet this weekend! (with pics)

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Hey guys, I had an INCREDIBLE weekend in terms of feet. So some of you might know my story and my situation with my mom's feet (foster parent). If
not, see this link.

Anyway so I was visiting my family this weekend and the last time I have gotten my mom's feet was while she was sleeping in the last post I'd
written. So I was sitting around the house on my first night back, and my mom was in the living room all night barefoot with her feet on the coffee table, so
of course this began to get me pretty horny looking at those pale, yellowy soles..and made me reminisce about how those soft feet feel on my stomach. I would
have just planned another sleepy feet adventure like last time, except my dad was there…so this was obviously not a good idea. As it got later she went to her
room to read a book…so what do I do when I need to feel feet on my body? I create situations to make it happen, either by accident or because it seemingly
innocent. So I took my shirt off and put on some gym shorts as if I were getting ready for bed and headed to my mom's bedroom to "have an innocent
conversation" with her while sitting at the foot of the bed. The only thing that could spoil this is if she was already under the covers. To my pleasant
finding, she wasn't! So I sat down night next to her feet and we started talking about her friend's and what not. She changed her position to where
she was laying on her I decided to lay across the foot of the bed facing her as to maintain eye contact with her. At this point I could see those
pale, yellow, wrinkled soles just inches from my body, and I was racking my brain as to how I could get closer to them. Before I could even think of a plan …
my mom solved the problem! Something made her just straighten her knees out a little more and she placed those amazing soles on my bare stomach! Oh god it
felt so good! For some reason that feeling never gets old for me. I even lost my composure and let out a little moan…she asked "does that feel good to
you"? I said "it does cuz they're kinda cold and I was feeling a little hot"..god why didn't I just tell her the truth?!? She then said
"seeing my feet on your stomach always reminds me of how white I am" I casually looked down and said "ha..they sure are pretty white compared
to my skin", obviously thinking to myself how sexy it looked. So I actually had my phone with me and would love to have a picture of this for my sake…so
I handed it to her and asked her to take a picture of what it looked like from her perspective…I don't know how I had the balls to do this..but I did. She
snapped the pic…I looked at it..kind of fake laughed..and continued to lay there in conversation for about another 8 min. or so..Here's the pic she


But this wasn't the end! The next day it was cold out and we had one of our family friends over for dinner and we made plans to all sit in the hot tub
after dinner. So all 4 of us were sitting there in a hot tub that isn't really all that big and I was honestly thinking of jumping out as I really had
nothing to add to the conversation that was going on between my mom, dad and our friend. But all of a sudden I felt something plant itself on my stomach! I
thought to myself..NO WAY!!! I couldn't see very well under the bubbles of the hot tub, but I knew what these were! I looked around at everyone's
position in the tub..and these could only be ..non other than my mom's feet planted square on my stomach!! Oh god, I was in heaven once again…and I would
NOT be getting out of the hot tub anytime soon! So I kind of just sat there, somewhat in a daze ..just enjoying the feeling..I'd actually never had
"underwater feet" before so this was a new feeling for me…her soles got sooooo wrinkly and kind of "tough" after being in the water for so
long. Needles to say ..I got a huge hard-on and I was hoping she wouldn't feel it. Luckily she never did. I'm not sure what inspired her to do this
in the hot tub..but I'll gladly take it any day! So anyway guys that was my weekend..sorry that was such a long story


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Last weekend must have been our weekend for "feet on tummy." I was at my friends house last Friday talking and joking around with her, and while
she lay on her side barefoot in bed, I laid across the bottom at her feet. We had this moment when we both laughed at something I said and she rested her
foot against my stomach and gave a soft push. Needless to say I didn't mind... I'm a sucker for feet on the tummy!Image

Maybe we should create a topic asking females of the PAD to tell us about experiences they had of putting their feet on the stomachs of their friends, nieces,
nephews, sisters, brothers, lovers, etc... what do you think?
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nice story blaggie.
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Loved the story and the pic was a great bonus! Thanks

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Maggnum, I totally agree and think we should. I have some other stories as well girlfriends, acquaintances, and other family members I haven't yet had time
to write about. I'll post another in the next day or so.

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whoah. tha picture seems fake. Thats a little to good to be taken on camera phone. Thats like model photoshoot. Those are amazing feet!!! and where are they

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luv storey ur mom is beautiful feet thnx

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never mind, i read your other posts. thiks shit is real. SEXY FEET MAN!!!! i say enough subtleties and dive in. Ofeer her foot massages. If your good enough
she will fall asleep and you can get some sole licking and toe sucking

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Damn I be wanking off everyday

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Cute toes on creamy white feet, what a great combination.