looking for pics of a barefoot girl in an old ruin

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Hi everyone!
I am a big foot lover (of course), but I also like the history of old buildings. Now I am looking for pics of barefoot girls who find themselves in an old ruin, in an old building or the remains of an old building. Maybe there's even a video of this specific situation?I should add some of my favourite music on the pic or video and I have three favourites in one! ImageCan anyone help me with this?By now, I only know the nude series of the Czech porn actress Silvie Thomas, I'll show you one pic of the series, because the others show nudity:
How cool would it be if she were barefoot in the ruin? ImageI got the idea when I saw a pic of beauty Maria Sharapova (my top 10) in the Colosseum in Rome today on her Facebook:
Too bad she wears these Nikes. ImageHopefully there is someone who can help me with this specific question. Thanks a lot in advance! Image
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