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                              "Smelling My Aunt Chrissy's Feet"

This is my first story I've written so far, its not a true story never happened to me. Hope you all enjoy.

When me and my older sister first moved to Germany , leaving our parents behind.  We lived in a huge house with a second smaller house in the back. This is where my aunt chrissy lived in the back detached from the main house. She was taking advantage of this summer and every summer that followed by doing alot of jogging and round the house workouts. My sister began a steady job and was gone nearly the entire day so that left me at home alot. My sister began working so me and her could have the afford the rent on the larger house , wich belonged to our aunt. Me and aunt chrissy got along pretty well she would always come to the our house to check on me , and other times she would ask me over to  give her a hand with something. Well the day that started it all (my obsession with womens feet).  She said she needed me to start helping her with her laundry she didnt want to spend  to much daytime indoors.But first she gave me instructions as to how she neede her laundry done. So she made me go to her room and find the piles of dirty undergarments. Upon my arrival back she watched as i carried her soiled panties and dirty sweat sox she orderd me to drop them on the floor in front of her and told me to start turning her dirty sox rightside out so reach your hands in there all the way and fix each one of them, she pleaded so that they all where perfectly straight and
ready to wear once they come out the dryer. So as wierd as her %++@@+% was i dint really question it, see my aunt was a tall very pretty blonde with a lean figure i did notice she had quite a rather large size foot. So she left me and Started her laundry, and let me mention this her jogging and work out shoes although really old and stinky seemed to  always
stay on her feet even at night. She would jog during the day and she would be wearing rather thick and bulky sox sometimes i would notice her skip her shower in the morning instead taking it after running a second day in a row with the same pair on. Afterwards she had a routine of several leg stretches yet she would still keep her feet trapped in her shoes till she was done, this i knew she would do only because i would help her often holding her feet down in place while she did this. She would even at times ask me take her shoes off for her
while she would unwind sitting in her favorite chair, i said wouldnt mind doing this for her, she than asked me if i was sure because her size 11's were quite stinky and sweaty. I told i didnt mind but only because she was such a nice aunty. She said i was a nice nephew and just pay no attention to her foul smelling feet. So i got down on the floor  next to her feet and removed her shoes and to my suprise the pungent odor wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. She said thanx and told me to take these sox as well and possibly on my way back to my room if could drop them off in the dirty pile. So strangley enuff i said i would. And on my way back she reminmded me to turn them rightside out, but this time i did an even starnger thing i put them to my nostrils and took a deep whiff and man i was so intoxicated by it i forgot how many times i repated this on the way to there, suddenly i didnt want to instead i rushed them into my room where i smelled her sweaty sox til i jumped into bed freeing my erection and gently stroked my hardend boy cock while never taking the sock away from my face i didnt even notice my auntie had come up the stairway  leading  her dirctly to my room . She knocked on my door and i froze she aske dme thru the door if had already taken her socks down to the laundry room and i choked alil  but managed to spill out a lie that sounded like a lie. I said yeah there already down there just not on top that burried them somewher deep down. She just uhuh okay boy ill see you in the morning. This wasnt a good thing if she goes down there to look im busted she had several white sox but only one pair of yellow color socks. So the next mornig i woke up and ran down stairs hiding her sox from view and what do you know her laundry was no longer even in the washroom. So i ahd to see if she was home yet from her morning jog. And she was there in her living room sitting in favorite chair with a stern look on her face. I new i was in deep shitt by the look on her face. She told orderd me front and center immeadiately, so i hurried over to her. she was wearing her usual atire form jogging she must have just returned cause she was still breathing rapidly. She told me she was very angry that i lied to her last night i argued i hadnt thats when she got real angry and told me that i was going to be punished for this imeadiately. i was confused but than she orded me to get down on my hands and knees and drop my shorts cause she was going to spank my ass cheeks for lying to her. Oh god this ment i was really screwed because under my shorts at my waistband was her sox. So of coarse they fell into plain stie as i was getting on to my knees. She grabbed them and said that now i get two punishments for this but not to worry the second wont hurt. Relieved at that i
waited for her to begin and she brught out a paddle and warned me if this happend again i was going to get whacked with it several times with it but for now she was going to use her hand and boy she really whacked me hard several times barehanded repeatedly in the same spot over and over till i satrted to whimper a lil thatn she started yelling at me saying that she wont have any of her nephews steal her dirty sox and try to lie to her about it and she continued but only harder till i screamed outloud that i was sorry aunty ill never steal or lie to you any more , she said or my sister now say it or my sister aunty please just stop.
She Said pull your shorts back on and go to the living room and lye on the floor infront of my chair use the pillows on the couch to elavate my head. So i did this while my aunt went to her romm and grabbed me some tissue for me and something that looked like a face warmer.
plus she had a pair of folded up sweatpants she lay evreything next to me on the floor and she sat down stepping on my stomach with her running shoes on still. Since it safe to assume you took my dirty sox in your room beacuse you liked the smell didnt you boy? i shook my head up and down ashamed of my self she said fine than begin by putting on that mask next to you it goes over your mouth. Wondering just what was instore for me got me thinking my aunt was ready to humiliate me even worse now, but still i lay silently waiting. She barked her next order okay bot now slowly take off my right shoe as i did she reached over and suck the opening directly over my nose, i couldnt believe this! She said now dont squirm young man i want you to inhale taking a deepa long whiff. She said i want to hear you do it now do it! I could not believe this was happening i was getting such a crazy sensation smelling her sweaty stinky shoes than i removed the other and did the same . She she than rested her huge smelly feet on my face under my nose telling me the same thing i wanna hear you smell them and you better not stop. I began to move my face away becasue she was putting alot of pressure with her strong legs on my face it kinda hurt.But she violently snaped my head back
with both feet i begged for her to stopo because i was in pain but mostly because i was getting a hard on as well. Just than she noticed my erection. She had a wicked smile on her face. She said oh it seems you like your auntys stinky sox dont you ? I shook my head no and jst than she reached down and smacked my face and said what did i say about lying to me i she took of the mouth cover and i said im sorry aunty i love the smell it makes me so hard. Thats more like it boy now take of my sox with your mouth you little liar. Than she rep[laced the mouth piece and placed her even stinkier foul smelling toes and huge arches on my face and nostrils. The smell was even more intoxicating than the others and boy did i enjoy this. Than she smacked me with her huge feet making me squirm a little each time she would grapple my face with her awesome toes, and said for me to quit moving that i would have to sniff them until she was done. She sttod up removed her running clothes and put on her sweat pants. she told me she can see that my erection must be hurting me by now. So she allowed me to pull my pants down but that was all. She removed a vibrator from within the couch cushion and slipped her hand along with the vibrator down her sweat pants and began to use it while she smothered me endlessly with her huge feet. To be continued.......        

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excellent story, keep going please

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HEY post more!

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wow, great story, please write the next part,, waiting to read it.. Awesome stuff.