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Hiya this is my first time posting here. I actually just found this site and it seems like a nice community Image I thought I'd start off my fun on the
forums by posting chapter 1 to a little story I've been working on called " A Tickilish Story" It's about a group of young friends and
their daily adventures, which include tickling Image

"What if their was an elevator that could take you to China?" Jared's itchy voice bellowed through the clutterd, quite garage and broke the
akward silence that had ensued between him, Jd, and Stephanie who were slouched on the couch.

"Shit.. That was some dank bud. What was it called Jared?" Jp asked.

"Reticulating Ghandi! It is was one of the top 3 weed's of the year in high times back a couple years ago. It's very strong kush."


"Let's get cross faded I've got some good cronic too."


"Here it is. This ones called Truth, named after Dave Chapelle. "

"Truth, Dave Chappelle? Haha why Dave Chapelle?"

"After he took a hit of it he said "This shits the truth!" and thats how it came to be."

"Haha good story , sounds like good weed too!"

"Damn right, hit this shit."

Jared passed the freshly packed bowl over to Jd. Exhaling the hit he then commented. "Damn that ones good too... But I do think I like the buddha more,
its just too tasty."

"True that true that... Fuck I'm outta stoges... gonna check if theres any inside." Jared got up and rushed into his house.

"Hey you didn't clear that bowl did ya?" Stephanie asked Jd as she pulled a lighter from the pockt on her tight black jeans.

"Ah your not sleeping? I thought you were... I was going to secretly finish the bowl ahaha."

"You would never!"

"I'm kidding," Jd passed the bowl to Stephanie.

"Hit that shit steph, it's smooth."

Stephanie exhaled her hit and coughed a little.

"Hah.. I can still take hard alchohol easier then a harsh hit."

"You'll get there," Jd said to Stephanie and she nodded in agreement.

The house door opened and Jared stepped out , walked into the garage, and over to his bong. Looking at the empty bowl he said "You cleared that bowl

"Nope I guess Steph did."

"Damn Stephanie that was a fat bowl... Go easy next time haha."

"Sorry, it was justy so tasty," Stephanie laughed nervously.

"Hang on, didn't you say you had a 10 sac on you?" Jared asked Stephanie.

"Ohh... Well not really a ten sack.. Not really worth smoking even."

"Let's at least see what we can get out of it, I'm starting to run a little low."

"Next time you stop by the clinic call me , I'll throw down for about an eight if I can." said Jd.

"Fer sho, last time we got 4.5 for 40 at Zynergy so we should be good."

"Yeah they have some sick deals there, and it's all good too."

"Yep it's all top shit, another club I know also has only good shit but their prices don't beat Zynergy's and a longer drive."

"Damn I wish I had a card... They are so worth the money."

"They really are , it's so much easier. It's like I'm going shopping... But for weed."


"Steph let's pack Frostmourne, he needs more to be fed." Jared picked up his bong and showed the empty bowl to Stephanie.

"Ehe the only thing is.. I really need this weed for later..." Stephanie tried to explain but Jared immedeatly went up to her face.

"But Steph... I always smoke you out..."

"I know but it's uh.. Not even mine really... We can't smoke it."

"Not yours?" Jd asked. "But I saw you buy a gram from Tyler. Your not holding back on us are you?"

"No of corse not!" Stephanie's worried face couldn't hide the truth from the other two."

"Lies!"Jared exclaimed!

Stephanie slowly pulled out a small baggy with about a 10 sac of weed in it."See.. Not even one bowl in there..." She quickly tried to put the
baggy away before anyone noticed that she did have enough for a couple bowls.

She was too late. Jared quickly grabbed her arm and pried the baggy out of her hand."Tsk tsk... Steph you keep lying to us all the time about
shit." Jared said.

" I'm sorry it's just that I really wanted to try and sell that to get a 40 for later." Stephanie said while bouncing nervously on the

"Hmm now that we have this.. We just need to decide on punishment for Stephanies lieing to us. I say she gets last hit." Jared implied.

"Hmmm... No she needs to learn this time."

Jd looked menacingly over at Stephanie. Stephanie shyed away to the other end of the couch but Jp was too fast he grabbed her hands and caught both her
thumbs with one hand and began poking at her tummy. Stephanie squirmed on the couch trying to supress her laughter.

"Jd stop! Please you know how ticklish I am!"

"Oh yes I know but you deserve it for holding out on us! Haha. Jared come on and help me!"

Jared got off his chair and ran over to the couch and grabbed Stephanies ankles so she could no longer struggle. Jd picked a roll of duck tape off the floor
and used it to restrain Stephanies tiny wrists behind her back. He tossed it to Jared and said "Now get her ankles so she can't move."

Jared taped her ankles together and the two guys got off the couch to admire their work. Stephanie was lying helpless on the couch , her movement completly

"Haha look at that, she can barely move now haha," Jared said.

"Guys! Let me go please.. I said sorry and I said we can pack a bowl or two! Please untie me this isn't fair," Stephanie begged.

"Were not done here yet though Steph Haha.. To be honest I'm not mad at you for the weed but it's a good excuse to tickle you!" Jd said.

"Nooo! Pleaseee you know how ticklish I am!"

Jd sat back down at the oppopsite end of the couch and propped Stephanies feet on his lap. He took the fluffy slipper off her left foot and slowly itched one
finger up and down her silky, pale, sole. The tickling on her left sole was too much for her to contain. Stephanie let out a serious of giggles and jolted
her body up into the air. Jared quickly sat down on her waist to keep her from flying straight off of the couch. While using his weight to keep her from
squirming Jared put a hand on each side of her torso and tickled her sides. Stephanies old, torn up, Disorder tank top provided little protection from
Jared's merciless tickling.

"Hahaha P...Please....Please stop! I can hardly breathe!" Stephanie managed to squeeze out in between her laughter.

"Stop now?" Jd asked "But I'm still just playing around with your feetsies... Jared your really going all out aren't you?"

Jared momentarily stopped his all out assault on Stephanie's helpless tummy. "Eh, I guess maybe I was getting a bit to cruel to poor, little,

Stephanie took her time without tickling to catch her breath and try once more at persuading Jp and Jared to end the torture.

"Wew... Now that you two have had your fun untie me and we'll smoke some marijuana?"

"Hang on were just being nice and giving you a little break, were not done yet right Jared? Jd looked over to Jared and laughed. Then returned his
attention to the feet on his lap.

"Hmm... I wonder what size her feet are?" Jd's mind wandered off while staring at Stephanies half bare feet. "...Probably around 6"
he thought to himself.Sudden laughter brought Jd back to reality. He looked up and saw Jared tickling Stephanie's sides but much lighter then before and
that her body was rarely squirming now. Stephanie enjoyed the light tickling sensation she felt over her body and didn't try and resist the few,
sparatic, twitches her body was being forced to make. Rather then tickling Stephanie's feet Jp decided to entertain himself by playing with her toes
which were adorned with black nail polish.

"Aaahhh..." Jared said as he got off Stephanie and stood up " I'm really thirsty, come with me inside and let's get some drinks then
smoke more."

Jd replied " I'll get Frostmourne ready to smoke out of, just come back when you get your drink. Oh and could you bring me back one?"

"..Uhh.. Yeah sure."

"Hehe now that he's gone I want to test just how ticklish your feet are." Jd said to Stephanie.

"No please, seriously I'm really getting tired."

"Don't worry I'll untie you after."

"Nooooo. I can't take anymore tickling and this tape is starting to hurt..."

"Just stop complaining and this will be over faster."

Jd used one hand to hold Stephanies feet in place and the other to take off the furry, pink, slipper on her right foot. Tossing the, slipper onto the floor
next to the other he then proceeded to put Stephanie's barefeet under is arm, now there would be no way for her to squirm out of his hold. Jd used his
free hand to tickle Stephanie's helpless feet. He ran his fingers all along her barefeet, occasionally switching between the two.

"Ahh! Aha! Hahahahahah! It's too much! Plea..hehehease," Stephanie cried. Her body was twitching in helpless convlusions from the tickling. She
tried desperatly to jerk her feet from Jd's arm but could not break free. The five fingers digging into Stephanie's soles and the fact that no matter
how much she tried she could not escape the tickling made her feel helpless but in a way she enjoyed it. She was in a helpless state of tickling bliss.

The front door busted open and Jared entered through the open garage door. Seeing how Frostmourne was not packed and Stephanie was still being forced to
endure their tickle torture Jared said "Alrighty Jd I think thats enough tickling for one day let's untie her and smoke a bowl."

Jd and Jared cut the tape from Stephanies ankles and wrists. Stephanie put her slippers on and now being free she felt renewed strength and jumped to her

"That was quite a tickle you two gave me but it's going to take more then that to tire me out!" Stephanie smiled at Jd and all three of them
laughed. She then opened her baggy and packed another bowl. "Well we might as well use all of it, that should atl east be two more good bowls maybe
three." The three of them smoked untill they were completly dry. Noticing the sun begining to set Jared said " Hey guys it's getting pretty
late my Dad's probably going to be home soon." Jd and Stephanie rose from the couch.

"Oh yeah it's almost 8. We'd better head out then." Jd replied as he patted Jared on the shoulder and walked out of the garage to
Stephanie's car.

"Bye Jared" said Stephanie who gave Jared a hug before following Jd. The two of them got into Stephanies 2 door Ford and sat there deciding where
to go next.

"Where to now?" Stephanie asked

"I never understood why we couldn't stay over if Jared's Dad is home.. Whatever. Let's call Keba and see what he's up to."

Jd picked his phone from the pocket in his vest and selected Keba's number to call.

"Hello?" the voice on the other end of the line said.

"Hey Keba, how's it going?"

"Hey not bad, what are you up to?" Keba replied.

"I'm with Stephanie we just left Jared's house. Can you chill?"

"Yeah come on over."

"Alrighty, see ya soon." Jd said as he ended the call and returned the phone to his pocket.

"So I'll drive to Keba's house?" Stephanie asked.

"Yep let's go."

The two drove away from Jared's house and off into the night.